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open space with wooden floor, white island with wooden stool, white dining set with striped rug, grey sofa, orang ottoman Cote Maison

An open space area makes a room looks wide and spacious. If the space is a quite small, it makes the space bigger, and if the space is wide already, it makes the room really spacious. The best thing about open room is that because it combines two or more area in one room, everything looks closer and familiar. And if you live with a family, it means that you can talk with your family in easier way. it brings people together in one room. Let’s see how amazing open rooms are.

Under a Slanted Roof

Under this roof, you can see that this open room mostly uses white colour for the walls, roof, and furniture in the kitchen and dining area except for the black lamps which with its cable makes artistic lines compare to the stark white environment. The area for family is just beside it. All in minimalist colour.


Long and Big Kitchen

In this open room, the kitchen and dining area takes much more space compare to the living room in great difference. The colour composition that consists of white, black and wooden material match in the whole room makes it look simple, minimalist, yet expensive.


Rustic Open Room

With an open room, you don’t have to think about each room’s décor as you only need to think of one big room. In this picture, with wooden roof with wooden beams in the entire room, they create one design for kitchen, living area, dining area, and reading area. With brown marble tiles and everything looks complementary in colour and balance, this room feels comfortable with big grey sofa, and light with its lanky lamp, chairs, and stool.


Big, Big Window

As having an open room is usually related to a wish of having wide area, having a really wide window definitely will help too. With windows like this, not only your room feels wide, as it continues from dining area to living area without partition, it also feels like it continue to the garden. And as garden shows you the greenery, your room will be both wide and fresh without even putting a plant in the room.


No Partition

The other good thing about open space is that you can see the whole room only form one stand point. And if you have an open room for a whole house, you can manage to see the whole house from one point, just like this house. With think fence in upstair, thin boards staircase, and kitchen with glass partition, this house look amazingly large.


Openly Creative

Dealing with small space can be stressful but if you’re a creative person, it can be fun. Look at this picture below! It’s really beautifully and creatively crafted. With small space they manage to have home office, small library corner, living area, dining area, and a kitchen. Making the living area in a convex –or it’s actually making the kitchen and dining area indented– and using the same continued board as the table for the dining area is really creative.


Comfortably Industrial

With sofas and comfy pillows throw all around, this one tells you it’s really comfortable hanging out here in the living area. The wooden table and midcentury chairs in the dining area are a great set to it. The wooden roof and the lamps indicate an industrial style comes from the ceiling to the floor.


Garden on Top

If the previous one has garden on the other side of big window in the living room, this one has garden upstairs and you can see it from the living room downstairs too. With turn on lamps on the garden and dark house, the garden will look beautiful at night.


Elegance Open Room

If there is one open room that speaks elegance, this one is one of them. With beautiful grey island near the wide and large kitchen, it looks expensive. The leather sofa too is telling you that the owner has its own style.


Openly Colourful

Even though in attempting larger look people tend to go with really minimalist colour, it doesn’t mean that bold colour will ruin it. Proven from this picture, even with bold orange and blue, this room is still looks pretty.

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