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living room, wooden floor, brown rug, white orange chairs, white sofa, off white wall, orange roman shades, glass windows, glass door The Little Corner

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Round Ottoman, Light Grey Sofa, Pillows, Orange Lamp Ploor, Orange Chair, White Wall, White Ceiling
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black White Rug, Grey Sofa, Grey Wall, Orange Accent Wall, White Fireplace, White Cabinet
Living Room, White Floor, White Wall, Wall Painting, White Sconces, Orange Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Ottoman
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Rug, Green Sofa, Orange Sofa, White Walls, White Ceiling, Wooden Accent Wall With Windows, White Curtain
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Beige Sofa, White Orange Chairs, Orange Painted Wall, White Molding, Windows, Curtain
Living Room, Grey Floor, Rug, Grey Sofa, Grey Textured Wall, Orange Chair, Orange Pillows, Wooden Cabinet, Plants On Pot
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, White Orange Chairs, White Sofa, Off White Wall, Orange Roman Shades, Glass Windows, Glass Door
Living Room, Orange Rug, White Sofa And Chairs, Brown Wall, White Ceiling, White Pendant, Orange Curtains
Living Room, Gery Floor, White Grey Sofa, Orange Pillows, Orange Wall, White Curtain, Wooden And Blue Coffee Table
Living Room, Grey Wall, Wooden Floor, Woodne Side Table, Orange Sofa Tufted, Gey Rug, Black Coffee Table, Floating Shelf

As orange can be bright and warm, it is so easy to combine it in the living room when you want some cheerful note or warm look, or both. Orange has been related to enthusiasm and positive energy. Bringing orange to the living room will create a more inviting living room, the kind of living room people love to spend the time. And here below are some orange living room that you will love.

Orange Chair
Having orange in the room does not always mean all the room should be in orange. Adding some accents in orange can help too. Seen here is a grey living room with orange accents in the pillows and chairs. As the orange color chosen is the warm ones, it matches very well with wooden cabinet and coffee table.

Orange Modern Chair
Another added chair that will change the look of a neutral living room is here. With the white background, this orange chair looks so profound both for its color and its modern design among the white and fluffy living room. The orange floor lamp in the back strengthen the energy too.

Orange Sofa
As sofa is the characteristic of a living room, the presence of a sofa is what people look for when they look for a living room. With orange and green sofa like this, though, it would not be a difficult search. However, although they are strong colors, the warm note on them make the room feels really comfortable.

Orange on White
Having a bold orange sofa can make a huge difference when the room is in white. It makes the orange sofa looks so popped up, like the sole attention of the living room.

Comfortable Orange
As orange have a really high level of warmth, it is easy to create a warm and comfortable look room with orange. Here below is one of the examples. With tufted button style, this orange sofa looks so comfortable. And the grey background on the back really brings out the warmth the sofa has.

Half Orange
Painted wall always brings the most energy to the room. When it’s white, it’s compementary to any colors. But when it’s orange like this, it looks bold and warm at the same time. With white moldings on half bottom, the orange wall does not take over all the attention. It also lets the white orange pattern curtains, pillows, and chairs to complement and balance the room.

Orange Accent Wall
For some people who love to create a strong accent, orange is one of the best one. Seen in this room is orange accent wall on fireplace among the grey wall. It looks pops out and gives the room a cheerful note.

All Orange
For those who love getting bold in a room, painting the room in orange like this can bring cheerful and enthusiastic feeling. To balance the strong color, white and neutral colored furniture are added.

Orange Rug and Curtain
With a neutral living room, changing color from time to time is easy. When you feel like orange is this month’s color, swipe the curtain and rug in orange and viola! The room turns to a warm and cheerful one.

Orange Shade
As there are many kinds of ways in shading the windows, this one here is a great idea in changing the usual curtain with roman shades. The usual roman shades are in neutral color. However, having it in bold orange can look be amazingly bold.

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