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white square tufted ottoman, white wall, grey sofa, brown leather ottman The Creativity Exchange

Grey Ottoman With Nailhead Details On The Side, Shelves Under, Rattan Tray, White Sofa, Grey Rug
Black Round Leather, Black Half Round Marble, Black Leather Sofa, Grey Rug, Windows
Grey Rug, Grey Sofa, Wooden Chairs With White Cushion, Brown Leather Ottoman, Black Tufted Ottoman
White Square Tufted Ottoman, White Wall, Grey Sofa, Brown Leather Ottman
Dark Blue Tufted Ottoman, Black White Striped Rug, Grey Wall, Fireplace
Grey Round Ottoman, Black Tray, Grey Sofa, Wooden Floor, Yellow Rug
Blue Tufted Rectangular Ottoman, Wooden Sliding Tray, Patterned Rug, Orange Chair, Blue Sofa
Brown Square Ottoman With Wooden Tray, Brown Sofa, Patterned Rug
White Tufted Round Ottoman, Grey Sofa, Grey Rug, White Wall, Clear Tray
Grey Smooth Ottoman, Round Wooden Top, Grey Sofa, Cream Rug

Ottoman is not only for sitting. With its smaller and simple design, it is also great for coffee table. It brings textures and unique material into the room and makes it great. As a coffee table usually is added in a living room, this ottoman will add the warmth and the depth of the living room. Here below are some insightful ideas on how ottoman can enhance the look of your living room.

Wooden Tray
As ottoman can have not too flat surface, it is more secure and makes you feel braver to put some tray before you put things like glasses. Adding tray can be really fun too as you can choose from so many colors and material that would complement the ottoman you have.

Table and Shelves
Interesting details are added in this one below. The grey ottoman with tufted surface makes a nice look with nail head along the side of the ottoman. And to make it more fun, rattan tray is added to complete the setting.

White Ottoman
If you love looking fresh and elegant, white tufted ottoman can help you making the ambiance in the living room. This one here is also decorated with nail head that makes it look stronger. To get along with sweet and elegant look, clear tray is chosen to completed the setting.

Black Leather
One of the strong look ottoman is the leather one. And using it as coffee table can make the living room looks great and warm. This one here combined this black leather table with brown leather ottoman and the combination looks amazing.

Half Marble
If you love something bold, luxurious and pretty, you would love this black round ottoman. With half leather and half marble, this one allows you to actually sit on the ottoman and use the table at the same time.

Sliding Tray
This one here has a different kind of tray. With this kind of tray, you would be able to slide it easily to the position that you want.

Long Blue
This one is a classic and easy move to do. All you need is a long ottoman and it’s ready to be a coffee table. This one here puts heart-shaped board for to hold things that can go wrong when they are on uneven surface.

Storage Inside
This one here steps on further details. Not only it is a great coffee table already, with the wooden round lid, it also has nice storage inside where it can help you store all the miscellaneous.

Small Ottoman
Similar with the previous one, this one here puts small grey ottoman to be a nice little coffee table. with black tray that can be perfectly put above it is a perfect table. And this one here is perfect for side table also.

Nice and Sweet White
This one here puts a classic look to the living room and the white square ottoman is a perfect choice to do it. The matching tray brings even more pretty ambiance.

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