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outdoor dining, wooden floor, wooden table, wooden stools, wooden ceiling, stone accent wall, wooden bench Gitea

Outdoor, Brown Floor, White Wall, Black Ornamented Ironed Chairs, Iron Table
Outdoor Dining, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Stools, Wooden Ceiling, Stone Accent Wall, Wooden Bench
Dining Table, Black Iron Chairs, Black Iron Round Table, Red Cushion
Outdoor Dining Set, Patio Floor, Blue Patterned Rug, Black Chairs With Brown Cushion
Outdoor Dining Room, Brick Floor, White Wall, Black Dining Set, Brown Cushion, Accent
Outdoor Dining, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Rattan Chairs, Wooden Table, Ratan Pendant
Outdoor Dining, White Floor, White Round Table, Rattan Chairs With White Cushion
Outdoor Dining Room, Black Table, Black Bench, Black Rattan Chairs, Black Patio Floor
Outdoor Dining Set, Grey Floor, Exposed Brick Wall, Rattan Chairs, Round Wooden Table
Outdoor Dining Room, Bulbs Above On Wooden Rod, Long Wooden Table, Long Wooden Bench

Dining out always sounds amazing. You would be able to see new things, take fresh air and meet your friends. However, sometimes you just want to stay at home and invite your friends over instead. Getting your meal outdoor would be the best compensation too. With your friends and family, dining outdoor would make the activity feels different and interesting. If you’re thinking of getting outdoor dining room, here below is a compilation of amazing outdoor dining room.

Long Dining Set
Using natural material to decorate outdoor dining room is perfect. It brings out the natural outdoor feeling. Besides, it also gives warmth to the dining set. With bulbs hanging on the wooden rod, this one here creates ever warmer look.

Lively Dining Set
This dining set allows you to have many people to enjoy foods under the sky. The strong black dining set with cream cushion blends well with the warm and lively setting. The orange brick floor set the warmth.

Ornamented Iron
If you love something classic and strong, wrought iron is one best material you can look for. Iron is perfect to put outside as it is more durable under season changes compare to other material. And having it in pretty pattern would make it even more handsome.

Simple and Traditional
If you love a traditional look without too many ornaments, you would love something like this. The easy and simple lines brings out an easy pretty look. The brown cushion gives warm touch in it.

Romantic Outdoor
Similar to the previous one, this one also has an interesting pattern over the chairs and table. The green ambiance from the plants bring freshest vibe and the flowers complete it. The pendant above matches the dark dining set.

Black Set
In this outdoor dining set, the black color strengthens the look beautifully. Matched the dark patio stones, the black rattan chairs, black bench and the black dining table gives the space a strong look.

Pretty Rattan
You can create the prettiest thing from rattan. This one here uses rattan for the chairs and the corner sofa. The pretty details on the pattern let the dining set has something special in here.

Another Fresh Rattan
Similar to the previous one, this one sets the dining with rattan chairs. Combined with white color, the dining set shows a fresh and gorgeous finish, especially when it is positioned near the pool.

Pretty White
As an outdoor dining set, this one here brings out pretty and comfortable in the freshest way. The white rattan pattern on the chairs is really beautiful. Matched with rattan pendant, the whole dining set is gorgeous.

Under the Wood
Creating natural dining set would be perfect. Outdoor has brought its natural light, place and air. This one here brought stone wall, wooden table and wooden stools shaped like they have just been cut out from the tree. It is a beautiful dining set.

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