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japanese house with a patch of soil inside the house separated by glass window and traditional sliding dooor, with grass, stones, and a tree Pinterest

A Corner Space Wth Grey Wall, Grey Concrete Floor, Grey Stones On The Floor, Some Plants, Wired Ceiling
A Large Space With White Wall And Ceiling, Large Glass Windows And Roof In Vaulted Ceiling, Off White Tiles, A Tree In The Middle
Small Open Space With Red Conblocks, Small Round Of Soiled Area With A High Tree, Near The Kitchen
Indoor Space With White Wall, Large Glass Window And Ceiling, Wooden Sticks Floorin
Plants Decorate The Stairs From Concrete And Woods Combined With Wired Hold
A Space With Wooden Floor, Wooden Backdrop, A Tree Plants From Concrete Pot, High Open Ceiling, White Chairs With Yellow Cushion
Stairs With Concrete And Wooden Materials Combine For The Steps, A Tree Plant In The Intersection, Pots Of Plants
Small Space Near Kitchen With Pattern Tiles, Small Spaceto Grow A Tree, Wooden Chars, Table, Long Blue Bench
Japanese House With A Patch Of Soil Inside The House Separated By Glass Window And Traditional Sliding Dooor, With Grass, Stones, And A Tree
A High Space With Tree Near The Stairs, A Long Wooden Table With Wooden Chairs Along The Wall

Connecting outdoor ambiance to indoor interior can be really fun and refreshing to the indoor look. It brings a sense of natural and fresh breath air as nature is the best accessories that you have nothing to do with. You can just put a plant and it will make the room more alive. And that’s why, people love to bring outdoor feeling indoor. However, to make it as simplest as it can be, in an appealing way, people like to put one small dot of nature indoor. See the pictures below to see the ideas!


A Sunny Reading Space

When you read, you don”t want to make your eyes work too hard and that’s why reading in a space with sufficient light is preferable. Large glass windows and ceiling is a big help. And, there’s no better friend in reading other than enough oxygen. Even small plants can help.


A Tree Planted

If you want to have further measure, you will love a tree really is planted inside the house. And it is actually a great idea. Of course, you will have to make sure the tree would get enough light and how big it will get. Will you need to cut it down for some time. However, no matter what you decide, having a tree inside a house is like having a calm among all the bricks and concretes.


Japanese Natural Way

Many people try to imitate the calm and minimalist way of Japanese’s way of living. They have so many philosophies that are interesting. One of them is about the simplicity and how we should reconnecting with natural. In this picture below, you can see how the owner planted a real tree and even make a hole in the ceiling to let sun shine in and to let the tree grow taller. It’s a sweet thing to treat your home and nature.


Make Use of Corners

For those who have enough empty corners, this one can be done easily. Almost similar with the minimalist look which Japanese have, this one only needs a small empty corner and you can turn it into beautiful corner with stones, blending surrounding, a small sole plants that gets sun shines through the metal nets that will protect yoru home as well as give what the tree needs.


Brings the Plants on the Stairs

Bringing in plants doesn’t always mean a patch of soil inside your home. Something small like small plants on the pot will work out too. Although, putting it on a space you included on the stairs are way cooler. And, that means, you will need sun shine to come through from the ceiling which also means you get more sun, more energy saved!


A Tree at Intersection

Similar with the previous one, this one also serves you the joy in having nature touch in the stairs. The difference is that it consists bigger tree and is put as a center of the intersection.


Near the Kitchen

While the previous ones have the plants near the stairs, this one have the open natural space near the kitchen which is an ideal move because it’s important to have better light when you cook and wash the dishes. And the layout is as easy as conblocks and small patch of soil for the tree to grow. And of course the great lighting.


A Great Lounge Space

Still an area near the kitchen, this one is set with patterned tiles with small patch of soil to grow the tree. To make the tree grow freely, it has been set open to the ceiling. And, to make the space enjoyable, wooden chairs, table, and long bench are grouped.


Dining Along

A great view is required to get a certain mood when you eat. And a natural view will never fail. It’s amazing how plants can lift the mood. It’s not only near the stairs, but also near the dining table set. With wooden table and chairs, the ambiance is blended well.


A Sitting Set 

This one is another idea of how comfortable a sitting area can be with high, or open, ceiling. The wooden floor and backdrop helps the natural feeling comes in.

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