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eclectic patio with green drapes on horizontal stick on the edge of the ceiling The Cousins

White Drape Around Wooden Pergola On Black Metal Rod
Tuscan Styled Rectangular Patio With Yellow Grey Red Stripped Drapes
Mediterranean Patio With Soft Brown Drapes On Aluminium Rod
Midcentury Round Patio With Dark Brown And White High Drapes All Over
Mediterranean Patio With Red Fabric Ceiling And Red Drapes
Brown Stripped Drape For A Rectangular Pergola
Eclectic Patio With Green Drapes On Horizontal Stick On The Edge Of The Ceiling
Beach Porch With White Curtain With Rope
Chic Patio With Grey White Curtain Drapes
White Sheer Drape Around Porch

Having an open patio is a great thing where you can enjoy the air and the light to the maximum. However, sometimes you want to tune it down. And one of the ways to do it is by using drapes. Of course, you will want drapes that will look good in your patio so that it won’t ruin the patio look. Better, it should add the plus point for your patio. Here are some patio drapes that will not ruin your patio. If it’s possible, it enhances the look.

Dark Drapes

This one is an example of a beauty of the dark around off white canvas of the patio. With classic look on the wooden pole, the dark drapes surround the patio enhances the classic look.

Stripped Curtain

A different drape will bring different look to your patio. And this one here is really interesting with the yellow, grey, and red stripes. It makes the patio look cheerful and comfortable at the same time.

Red for Curtain and Ceiling

One thing you can do for your open patio to look breezy and comfortable is by putting fabric ceiling. Sometimes it will get hot, but in good days where the heat is average, fabric ceiling can be really endearing. And look at what you can do with the matching red drape.

Freshly Green

In this eclectic theme patio, everything is thrown into this beautiful comfortable patio. With green drapes that simply hanging on horizontal aluminum rod that also has this sheer look, the patio looks fresh.

eclectic patio with green drapes on horizontal stick on the edge of the ceiling

The Cousins

Chic Drapes

This is another stripped drape that you can use in your patio. If the previous one looks cheerful, this one looks calmer and of course regarding the chic patio with pretty floor and one set of beautiful chairs, this drape matches perfectly.

Calm Brown

Having a calm patio can make you feel even more comfortable, especially when you tend to have something natural. And obviously soft brown drape will do that for you.

Stripped Brown

This simple brown stripped curtain will match many kinds of patio. And here, it’s perfectly a match for the pergola and all the layouts of the couches and fireplace.

White Thick Drapes

When you know you want to have drapes around your pergola, you might want to consider some types of drapes. You might want to have some options for different occasions and weather. Like this one here, it seriously look good for when you have more formal dinner or simply want to hang out around colder season.

White Sheer Drape

This one is more a white sheer drape. This kind of sheer curtains will look perfect on summer days so that you will have the maximum lights you can enjoy.

White for Beach Style

White color used to be a favorite color to bring out beach theme. If you like beach theme, you can simply hang white drape and use a beautiful rope to tie it.

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