Astounding Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces

children bedroom multifunctional storage toys storage attic lamp white wooden storage study table single window

Nowadays, some people can only get a small area to build their home.  It is not a big problem for who only live by themselves or with their couple. Yet, when they have a child or relatives who live with


Warming Your Room with Wood Wall Covering

rustic staircase with wooden staircase, wooden vertical covered wall

Wall is an essential part for any room. It divides the room and it surely protects the room. But of course, it is not all. Of course a wall is more than dividing rooms. It is part of the things


The Exquisite Kind of Gazebo for Your House

chinese wooden gazebo with dark metal roof, black rattan chairs with white cushion

When you have large yard in the back of your home, it is not considered a crime to want it to look beautiful. One can handle it with many plant or flowers or maybe pool, but one can decorate his


Makeup Area in Vanity to Treat a Lady Right

L shaped vanity with wooden cabinet, white countertop with two sinks, medicine cabinet mirror, makeup area with convertible mirror

Bathroom vanity has been an important part of the bathroom especially for those who love to put all the bathroom utilities in the vanity before putting it safely to the cabinet. But far from that, people also use vanity to


Longer Vanity with L Shaped Vanity in the Bathroom

L shaped vanity with wooden cabinet with satin finish, white caesarstone top, two sinks on both ends, white porcelain floorin, white walls, sconces on mirror sides

When you think you need more space in the vanity to put your things or simply so that you can have more room, L shaped vanity might be a great opportunity for you to solve your wish. Below, you can


Screened Porch to Enjoy Outdoor Indoor

rustic porch with wooden ceiling, wooden shutters, nude sofa, wooden flooring, rugs, wooden blocks table

Different from the opened porch that allows you to take in as much outdoors as you can, screened porch or closed-in porch allows you to take the outdoor view without having to experience the hot air, or harsh wind your


Sitting Comfortably in Small Space Room

small living room with brown simple sofa, round white coffee table, brown short chairs, book shelves

For a small space, you will need to consider on how your wall and ceiling will look like, and how your furniture will look like. It is not only a matter of taste but also a matter of saving space


Raised House Skirting: Smart Solution for Hiding Piers and Dirt in Aesthetic Way

lattice house skirt with decorative motifs for their air ventilators white patio furniture set railing system with high artistic patterns on top and base

Without landscaping or skirting our house, we’ll see the exposed dirt, joists, and piers. The best solution for overcoming and hiding those irritating things is to install the raised house skirting. House skirting is commonly found in mobile houses and


How Much Tiny Room can Provide Your Taste

living room in a house trailer with blue sofa, wooden table and chairs, wooden shelves

Having trailer can be really fun especially when you are still young and love adventures. With house trailer, you will be able to live longer in your trailer as it accommodates your need of kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. With this


Astounding Minimalist Interior Design Storage Ideas to Use

minimalist interior design storage stairs carpet hardwood floor chair railing staircase

Making a creative use of a minimalist room is one of the best things you can do to turn such room into an amazing room. One of the best things you can do to make a creative use of such