Turn Your Basement into Fun Living Room

large living room basement with white wall and ceiling, grey sofa, rug, and couches, two dining table sets

If you have basement in your home, you might want to turn into some beautiful room where you can talk to your family and friend and do a lot of fun activities there. Well, if that’s what you want, you


Cedar Mantle Brick Fireplace Designs to Get Inspirations From

cedar mantle brick fireplace sofa carpet chairs small table bottles white pillows door window ceiling

Creating an elegant atmosphere in a room is something you can accomplish in various different ways and building a fireplace in the room is one of them. Fireplaces are things you’d find in homes with elegant rooms and if creating


Mediterranean Spanish in Your Dining Room

mediterranean dining room with wrought iron chandelier, wooden table set, sand color on ceiling, stone floor, wall, fireplace

Having a great dining room can raise your appetite. When you need to eat, you can see your dining room and feel excited to eat there with your family and friends. That is why you should think about getting the


Comfortably Working in Countryside Feeling of Rustic Home Office

rustic office with brown leather chairs, wooden table, wooden wall, wooden floor, brown floor lamp, candle chandelier, deer head wall mount, wooden shelves, wooden cabinet

When you want a room in your house to be your home office, you will want to make sure the furniture and how it feels represents yourself. It is often that people find comfort more in the room she/he works


25 Awesome Luxurious House Door Design Ideas to Try

luxurious house door design wooden floor paintings chairs table carpet windows plant cups outdoor area lamps

A door that exudes luxury is definitely something that helps make a house look luxurious and designing such door is actually not a very hard thing to do. After all, there’s a definition for the word luxury and it’s not


Walk Through Closet to Accommodate Your Collection

wooden high ceiling closet sliding door glass floor dark wooden floor open shelving cabinet marble vase

The need of clothing, shoes and accessories that support your appearance has been more and more. Right now, you will not only require the closet to keep your daily clothes, but also to accommodate your various collection. For every occasion


Great Choices of Simple but Unique House Made of Wood

large and modern ranch cozy white sofa wooden coffee table traditional rug medium sized skylight large glass windows with wood frame single entrance door with entrance mat

Wood houses are so interesting and offer so many benefits for the homeowners. They are so natural and feel so back-to-earth. Moreover, such houses are custom-able, so they can be designed flexibly in various selections of size and style. Budget-friendly


Playing the Lights in the Yard

outdoor seating space with LED Lighting under the furniture, the branch, and white floor lamp beside the sofa

Lighting is not only the matter of indoor. It is also the matter of outdoor, especially when you have yard so that you know where to walk to your house. Outdoor lighting is not only a matter of giving lights


Interesting Design Footpath Made by Stone to be Stunned By

design footpath made by stone water feature stones lamp fence chairs table floor trees flowers brick wall

Every part of your house is important and that includes your footpath. It means that doing your best to make your footpath awesome is just as important as making other parts of your home awesome. Here are some footpath designs


Bright White and Dark Black on the Kitchen

kitchen with white wall, door pane, countertop, cabinet, black kitchen islands, chairs with white cushion adn black legs

Kitchen is an area in your home that requires clean condition. When you’re sure your kitchen is clean, you will feel relieve that all the cooking are not messy anymore. If you’re looking for ideas how to make your kitchen