Wicker Chairs for Warmth in Dining Table

wicker woven chairs with high back, cushion from the seat to the back

There are so many kinds of kitchen chairs that can make your dining room feel warm and comfortable but having woven seating chair can be a pretty and warm touch to your dining room. With wicker kitchen chars, you can


Ultimate Choices of Half Curtain Design for Home

semi transparent tier curtains white shower curtains free standing vanity with undermount sink  white bathtub mirror with back storage

Whatever style of living space, window becomes one of important elements you notice. The way you treat the windows will create the ambiance that enhances your particular taste and style. There are so many ideas of window curtain design which


All Extra Storage You Need for Small Spaces

staircase with white wooden built in storage under

Having small space can be challenging. Besides deciding on what to do in a room so that it can look pretty, you also need to decide on how much you can put in a room. When you have a small


Ingenious Ideas of Dark Garage Doors

dark alumunium garage horizontally  veined wall grey siding brown siding wooden wall

As the home planning enthusiast, you will consider every single matter concerning to your house including the garage. If you adore the splendid layout of dark colored stuffs, the dark garage doors would be preferable for you. These ten designs


Nice Bunk Beds in Small Space

white wooden bunk beds with strorage under and shelves on both headboard, brown wooden stairs

When you need two bedroom but you don’t have the space, you can join them in bunk beds. Having bunk beds doesn’t mean that you need large space. Of course, having large space is more preferable because the stuffs will


What You Do on Small Bathroom with Vanities and Sinks

black square sink, thin gold modern faucet, brown wood vanity, grey cabinet, gold frame mirror

If you have a small space left and you still want to make it useful, you can try having bathroom. If you think you have too small space for bathroom and you want to have more spacious room, rather than


Good Sleep in a Beach Theme Bedroom

bedroom with white paitned wall, soft brown rug, white bedding, coral pattern cover, dark wooden side table, blue table lamps, dark wood bench, ratan basket storage, rattan framed mirror,

Beach theme room is really refreshing and it looks fun. It is not hard to have beach theme bedroom because what you need to concern is using pale or soft blue and purple, or white painted wall and try to


Splendid Ideas of Houses with Red Roofs

red roof brick wall dark wooden wall stone chimney green outdoor view

As you plan to design or remodel your house, you will look for the most comfortable features from the floor to roof. Colored roof of red can be one of the inspirations that makes your house more outstanding. The ideas


Inspiring Mediterranean Interior Designs

wood ceiling beige sofa wooden table colorful pillows moroccan pendant lamps spaious archway

If you like enjoying the beach, then you will choose the interior design that is fit with your interest. The design of Mediterranean may be your preferable option since it can accommodate your desire to go back to the nature and


Room Decor with Toy Ideas to Try at Your Home

room decor with toy toys wall decor shelves small chairs table windows ceiling lamp kids room dolls books decoration

Toys aren’t only things that children can use to play but they can actually be very nice decoration items as well especially if you know how to use them and maximize their potentials. Toys can be used to decorate varied