Fresh Bright Light through the Beautiful Garden Balcony

hanging plants pot on the fence

Having balcony would be so cool. There are so many things we can do in a balcony. But, if you want to make it useful and have some result, you would probably love the idea of making some garden in


Fooling Double Toilet in the Bathroom

long black floating toilet, matchign sink, golden faucet

Decorating a bathroom can be fun and tricky. There are many things you can do to make your bathroom unique. One of it is by holding similar items to appear like there are double items, like with toilet. Nobody would


Fun and Cheerful Pretty Decorative Shelves

decorative shelves, wooden boxes, mirror, entrance

Shelves are always useful. It can be your storage and it can also hold your accessories. It gives volume to the room while it can prettify your room. Putting shelves is easy as you can do it in the living


Pretty Little Nursery for Baby Girls

nursery, white rug, wooden floor, white wall, patterned wall, white wooden crib, white cabinet, round mirror, fringe pendant

Waiting for a baby girl is amazing. To celebrate it, you will want to do it by decorate the nursery. It is a positive and productive way to celebrate your waiting. Decorating a baby girl nursery is like a way


Decorating the Fun and Warm Retro Kitchen

kitchen, white wall, blue cabinet, white top, silver handler

Having a strong and unique look in the house would make the house look so interesting. For you who love retro theme room, you would know how unique and pretty it is. And putting it in the kitchen would put


Relaxing Wardrobe in the Bedroom

bedroom, wooden floor, wooden cabinet, glass partitio

As a house is a place of comfort, even the wardrobe should give you comfort and happiness. His will help you to always feel positive starting the day. It will also give you calm when you want to go to


The Open and Free Bathroom You Will Love

bathroom, wooden shelves, white tub, white sink, glass sliding door

Not everyone can feel comfortable with lots of openness. It might make others feel too exposed but to some other, having an open bathroom can make them feel more relaxed. And this is no problem at all especially if you


The Comfort Tiny Bed Nook can Offer

small bedroom, blue wall, white exposed wall, white framed window, window nook for study table

There are many situations when you have to put your bed inside the nook that just has the right size. This will leaves no limited space. But that does not always mean a bad thing. For you who love privacy,


Beautiful Efficient Bedroom for Small Space and Apartement

apartment, brown floor, grey wall, round table, blue rug, pendants, glass partition, grey bed, round mirror

Setting in the bedroom can be really varied. But if you want to be efficient and you don’t mind getting everything in the bedroom, you might want to add some more function to the bedroom. Or, if you live in


Breezy Natural Ambiance in the Patio

patio, wooden floor, wooden bench, stone wall, white cushion

Decorating patio is always fun. It is like trying to enlivening the warmth, comfort, and cheerful ambiance you get from the living room and summer. With fresh breeze and bright light over the bright days, you would be able to