The Joy You Easily Get from Colorful Wallpaper for the Kid’s Room

bedroom with white patterned rug, white wooden crib, colorful wallpaper with animal, girl, and flowers

Decorating children’s room can be challenging. However, if you have colorful fun wallpaper, that will not be a difficult problem. The joy and fun in the colors that you can get from wallpaper will definitely affect the energy inside the


How to Make Your Balcony Looks Amazingly Fresh with Plants

hung wooden shelves with wooden table on the rail, bottles on the rail, wooden floor tiles

Balcony has always a pretty space to build a relaxing and fresh place. One way to do that is by putting plants on the balcony, or better, small garden. Plants are always a fine way to make balcony feels fresh


Having Stunningly Pretty Arrangements for Indoor Plants

black metal shelves with wooden boxes for plants and other, blue wall, grey floor, patterned wall tiles

Indoor plants are great decoration that will help your room to feel natural and fresh. With indoor plants, the room will not feel too dingy. However, with the wrong treatment, it will be withered and it will therefore make your


Strengthen the Characters of Your Room with Pretty Mirrors

a set of 3 triangle mirrors arrange like puzzle

A final touch of a room can determine how the room will look in the end overall. That is why it is important to pay attention to details. If you love to get a wall decoration, mirror is one of


Eco-Friendly Exterior Landscaping Ideas You Need to Know

exterior landscaping trees grass green balls mosaic pavers stone walls wooden doors bench glass windows wall sconces flowers stairs

A cover is also essential for a thing. The exterior look of a house can show everyone what does the inside of the house would be like. It can be used as a representative of the house.  There are many


Adding Unique Hint to Your Room with Interesting Mirrors

lips shaped mirror with pink shade above white top

Mirror can be an accent to a room or it can be something functional where people use it to get ready. No matter how you see mirror, these pictures below will make you think of more creative and unique mirror


Adding Curve to the Living Room Through the Sofa

curvy wooden bench with orange seating and back, pillows, wooden floor, rattan floor lamp, wooden coffee table

Curve has raised in popularity in 2018 that it will probably stay too in 2019. The sleek but bendy lines brought calm and modern vibe to the room. Not only that, curvy lines also bring comfortable look to a room,


Getting Inspired by Ten Cool Taupe Sofa Ideas

taupe sofa chandelier colorful artworks small fireplace glass coffee table taupe armchairs area rug wall mirror console silk grey curtain

If you are looking for a timeless sofa that looks great in both formal and more casual living space, you can find a taupe sofa with the classic design. Taupe itself means the combination of gray and brown color tones.


The Fresh and Stunning Vibe the Shell Chairs Can Give You

soft green velvet shell chair with rattan legs, wooden floor, rattan rug, white wainscoting, wallpaper

There are many kinds of chair shapes that can you choose to decorate your room. Each one of it will take part of determining the look in your room. You might want to make your room in harmony with fun


The Comfortable and Traditional Vibe in Farmhouse Bathrooms

bathroom with wooden floor, white toilet, white wooden cabinet, wooden top, white sink, wooden plank wall, white wall, floating shelves, wooden framed mirror, sconces

A traditional look usually gives comfortable and familiar vibe and that’s exactly what people try to accomplish in decorating their room in farmhouse style. They want the warmth in the pretty sight. And warm look can also be seen even