The Natural Ambiance in the Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, white wall, wooden kitchen cabinet, wooden open shelves

Kitchen is a place where you will create and gather with your kind of people. And for that, you would want to have comfortable, warmed and fresh at the same time. This can be done by creating a fresh and


Lighting the Bedroom with Beautiful Fixtures

chandelier, golden lines, white details on the tip

Lighting is always an important aspect of the room. These days, nobody likes to be in the dark. It restricts their activities. However, lamp or lighting does not always have to be mundane. As there are many kinds of lighting


Rattan Furniture to Decorate Beautiful Rooms

rattan side table with drawers, rattan lamps

Rattan, besides woods, is one of the most popular natural material that people like to use in the room. The flexibility of rattan and the details it can create help to create an interesting look in the room. Furthermore, rattan


Making Kitchen Fabulous with Accent Ceiling

accent ceiling, wooden ceiling, ceiling lamps, white golden pendant, white wall, white backsplash, white kitchen cabinet

Accent ceiling can be really beautiful in its own. Putting it on a room would make the room really beautiful too. And if it is put in the kitchen, the room would feel so amazing. Decorating kitchen into a beautiful


Getting Fresh and Beautiful Bohemian Home Office

home office, white floor, white wall, rattan chair, white study table, white office chair, round ottoman, pink patterned rug, plants on white pots

Creating a fresh and serious home office at the same time can be done with bohemian look. Bohemian look can make a room looks naturally beautiful and fresh. Not only that, the warmth of the bohemian style can make the


The Deep and Fresh Ocean in the Children Room

child bedroom, white floor, white rug, woode side cabinet, wooden bed platform, white paper pendant, blue wallpaper

Creating a comfortable and fun looking room for your little one would be challenging yet fun at the same time. If you are looking for something that you and the kid would love, you might want to go to the


Stacked in a Fun Way with Bunk Beds

bedroom, three asymmetrical beds, white wooden bed platform, stairs, colorful bedding

If you want your children to be together in a bedroom, but you want to make it more fun and not opt for twin beds, you can go with bunk beds. It will give the children a more diverse surface


Creating Prettiest Look in the Smallest Room

powder room, grey floor tiles, blue wainscoting, blue wallpaper, golden mirror, white wooden cabinet

When you have guests all the time, it would be more practical to have small powder room near the living room so that anyone can use it without going into more personal space in the house. With powder room, you


Combining Bright, Cheerful and Modern Ambiance in the Living Rooms

living room, wooden floor, white wall, grey sofa, white chair, grey rug, round tray coffee table, white floor lamp

Creating a fun and bright room can be easy. You can put many colorful accessories to make the room feel playful and cheerful. However, for those prefer the more subtle modern look, this might not really what they want to


How About These Retro Dining Room?

dining room, wooden floor, wooden partition, pendants, wooden green table, wooden chairs with green cushion

Fashion can turn and turn, no matter how long it takes. It also works with the interior. People can like one style in a time and turn into another style. While minimalism has been popular for so many years now,