Unique Woven Chairs to Spice Up the Look a Little Bit

rattan woven chair with fluid line design

Woven chairs might reach high popularity in 2019, what with eco-friendly consciousness on life habit, including on what people consume. Adding an eco-friendly item will make the house have one more comfortable furniture without adding not-degradable items in the house.


Getting Warm with Terracotta Vibe on the Dining Room

dining room, pink wall, floating shelves, wooden chair, black pendant

Terracotta vibe has always been warm and earthy. It is a great color to engulf the dining room look sometimes. It’s like wrapping the room in this warm and comfortable cocoon. With the right items, the warmth in the dining


Falling in Love with Monochromatic Blue Bedrooms

bedroom, blue wall, blue bedding, white pendant, blue pillows, blue table lamp with white cover, blue curtain

Monochromatic colors can be practical when decorating a bedroom. All you need to do is looking for items with in the same palette. Having the a monochromatic room will give you a cleaner vibe in the bedroom as every where


Understanding the Passionate Red, the Trend Color in 2019

kitchen, grey wooden floor, red island with white marble top, white stool, red cabinet, white counter top, white backsplash, grey wall, white pendants

Many people have said that red will be a trend color in 2019. Well, we’ll see what will happen in this year. However, to prepare on the trending red, here below are some gorgeous passionate red rooms that you will


Get Acquainted with Yellow, One of the Trend Colors for 2019

kitchen, yellow botoom and upper cabinet, white subway backsplash, silver counter top, silver rail, white round dining table with chairs

Many have said that yellow and red color will be the trending colors for 2019. The news that this bold color will be a trend can’t get more exciting. However, let’s get acquainted with yellow color this time. Let’s see


Natural Woven Chairs for Warmth and Natural Look in 2019

beige rattan chair with curvy details on the back and arm rest

In starting a new year, you might want to add something in your room just to get the 2019 vibe. Among all the trends in 2019, one of the trends that can easily be followed is natural material items. It


Towel Rack Height Choices To Be Inspired By

towel rack height wall sconces wall mirrors shower head built in tub black vanity white sink faucet mosaic wall tiles toilet grey wall white countertop

By completing the items in your bathroom, you can make it more functional and perfect.  One of the additional bathroom items is a towel rack. It can keep some towels you can use after taking a bath. Make sure to


Stunning Powder Rooms Inspirations that You Will Love

small powder room, white molding, white sink with golden support, white toilet, yellow flowery wallpaper, big mirror on the wall, golden faucet, white toilet, traditional chandelier

Small space in your house can turn into a stunning powder room. Powder room will help you get ready in the morning when so many people rushing to use the main bathroom. And it’s also a good place that your


Interesting and Colorful Use on IKEA Ivar Cabinet

8 colorful floating ivar cabinet on white wall, wooden floor, rattan hanging chair

IKEA Ivar Cabinet has been hitting popularity since it is launched. Pinterest has been full of the pictures of this cabinet in a really interesting installment, whether in color or in placement. With so many creativity overflowing from so many


Relaxing Window Nook for Reading and Taking a Nap

window nook with wooden bench, pink cushion, pillows, white wooden wall, white wooden ceiling, windows with shade

Having a window nook is really exciting. When having a nook in the window, people can help having an exciting time planning on what to do with the window nook. Well, here below are probably what you need to see