Getting Relaxing and Refreshed Area in the House

patio, grey floor tiles, rattan bench with curve frame, rattan bench with pink cushion

Patio is a great privilege that nobody would reject the chance to have it. With patio, you would have your own open space, no matter how small it is. Having patio would also makes you feel more excited in decorating


Stunningly Gorgeous Bathroom Floating Vanities

bathroom vanity, white wall, mirror, blue floating cabinet white top, pendants, white floor

So you have a bathroom that you would like to decorate with vanity but you’re looking for something that will give a light yet still pretty and strong touch? These below are gorgeous inspirations you can work on in the


It is Time to Get Relaxed in the Living Room

living room, wooden floor, white wall, white door, green tufted sofa, yellow side table, white floor lamp

Holiday season has brought tiredness with it. It is jolly and fun but when it’s all over, you will soon realize how tired you have become and how you long for the long hours of relaxing time in the living


Stunning Modern and Elegant Home Office

home office, wooden floor, green wall, wooden table, brown leather chair, rattan chair with flowery cushion

For you who work at home or who occasionally bring back some work to home, a home office is really important. Having a home office would ensure your comfort at doing your work thus hinder you from tiredness or back


Stunning and Incredible Lighting Fixtures for Elegant Kitchen

kitchen, black smooth cabinet, black island, modern stool with golden lines, black golden triangle fixture

The kitchen would be a special place where you can get socialized with your friends and family as well as a place where you get to create your food with love. Creating food would need a place that offers comfort


Pretty and Beautiful White Patterned Details in the Bathroom

bathroom, patterned floor tiles, white wall tiles, dark green cabinet with white top, ovale mirror, white toilet

Even though it is usually a small place, a bathroom needs to be decorated prettily. The easiest and probably the most permanent thing to beautify a bathroom is by putting pretty patterned tiles to the wall or floor. If you


Beautiful Patio for Relaxing Afternoon

patio, white blue plaid floor, blue wall, pink wall, blue bench with pink cushion, round wooden slab, sconces

If you have some space at the back of your house, you would love to create an interesting and relaxing patio so that you can have a private outdoor space. Having fresh space with direct sunlight would make your house


Pretty Details Added in the Modern Kitchen

kitchen, white wall, green wall, wooden floating shelves, white kitchen cabinet, grey top cabinet

Modern style room can look really simple as people love to create a nice and tidy look with easy color. However, you can play with the details to make the room even more interesting. Backspalsh is a perfect place to


Putting Interesting Thing in the Stairs

stairs with colorful colors and white wall

When people decorate their houses, they would focus more on the rooms while leaving everything in less detailed manner. If they have stairs, they would concern more about what kind of stairs they you use without getting too many details


The Bold Cheerful Details Yellow Has in the Living Room

living room, wooden floor, white cabinet, white wall, grey curtain, yellow chair, grey sofa, blue tray coffee table, blue coffee table, grey ottoman, yellot ottoman,

Decorating a living room in a bright and cheerful tone would make it an interesting and happy room. It would be a great time to be able to spend your time in a fun room. One of the easiest way