A Beauty You Make in the Back of Your House

backyard with sitting area under opened wooden pergola, flagstone on concrete base pavement and plant edge, grass

When you still can have soil in the back of your home, you will be able to turn it into beautiful spot, especially if you will live a long time in your home. You can play with the plants, the


Master Bath Remodel Ideas Suited Your Mood

modern rounded free standing tub grey marble wall raised sink dark wooden cabinet built in shelves

You might be in the plan to build or remodel the bathroom for your family’s convenience. As the bathroom can be regarded as the important space in your house that can affect your mood, you will need the most stunning design


Cool White Bathroom Ideas to Apply in Your Bathroom

white bathroom ideas vase flowers window door glass ceiling lamp bathroom lighting faucet sink mirror glass door

Undeniably, white is a calming color especially when used right and it’s a nice color to incorporate in a bathroom as it will help make the room a nice place to spend time at. If this particular color is what


Ottoman for Your Coffee Table

light blue ottoman for coffee table

Apart of serving its actual function, as a stool, or foot stool, it is often used as coffee table too. Because of these various function, people grow dear to ottoman. Besides it has various functions, it can boost the decoration


Gather Around with Your Friends and Family around Dining Table

long industrial theme dining table with salvaged wood

You will have to make sure that you have all the space in your dining table when you have large number of family members and friends that you like to invite to dinner. Now, if you think you want to


Expanding the Space in Your Bedroom

Traditional brown loft bed with 4 rows shelf and a desk under

The difference between loft bed and bunk bed is that with loft bed, you only use the space on top to sleep. And you can use the space under your place to sleep.  It is a good idea for a


Modeling Your House with Painted Brick Exterior

brick wall brick exterior wooden colored exterior soft paprika color

Brick exterior is often chosen by people because of its shimmering appearance. If you are people loving the traditional yet elegant style of brick wall, this articles may provide you the source of inspiration. Two Custom Blended Brick This exterior


Various Sliding Door Hardware

high quality stainless steel sliding dooor hardware

Having sliding door in your home to part rooms, or for your wardrobe can be exciting. It gives you the feeling of different and it will give your house a great deal of decoration touch. There are some kinds of


Bed Frame to Complete Your Bedroom

rustic modern dark brown wooden platform bed with reclaimed wood headboard

There are lots of bed frame that you can find in the market. There are platform frame, metal frame, sleigh frame etc.. Here, you will see how these various frames can come into beautiful use in your bedroom. Baroque Metal


Your Ideal Standard Bathroom Size

contemporary white skylights dark marble wall light marble floor free standing tub spacious glass window

Bathroom is one of important spaces in a house. Some people do not only want to use it as its functions but also to express their inspiration on its design. Good design and functional space will be the ideal longing of