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brick wall brick exterior wooden colored exterior soft paprika color Triangle Brick

Brick exterior is often chosen by people because of its shimmering appearance. If you are people loving the traditional yet elegant style of brick wall, this articles may provide you the source of inspiration.

Two Custom Blended Brick

This exterior design may look simple but the two custom blended brick are the beauty it presents. The spacious dark colored car garage is well designed making the house more comfy to live in.

Stunning Brick Design

This model of exterior is just so lovely. The combination of wooden color, white touch and grey roof will make you unable to think of the other design.

Minimalist Style

If you demand the minimalist concept of housing with brick exterior, then this design is your perfect match. The combination of red and dark grey brick are so much entertaining. It looks more appealing the spacious glass window attached.

Gorgeous Red

You won’t deny this adorable design of exterior brick.The red wine brick is perfectly matched with the black trim and simple white touch. All and all are so comforting to see.

Alluring with Dark Brick

Two paints of dark grey and beige gives alluring feeling for everyone. The dark design of this design present you the highest elegance.

Buff Wall Exterior

The design looks traditional but still classy. The rhombus shaped brick wall is the distinctive feature which make more adorable layout.

Light Tortilla

The dominated light tortilla and dark grey on the roof generate natural comfy feeling. It is such a refreshing and clean paint on the brick exterior.

Craft Model

It provides you classic style reference with the wood colored bricks. However, the spacious hall functioning as the living room may be a unique concept for you.

Beguiling Ideal Brick

It is such a charming exterior design of brick with the weathered brown and slight pink colors. The additional points are this small space is two-story house having three-car garage.

Simple White Sand Brick

It is two-story house wrapped in the simplicity of white sand brick exterior. The numbers of glass windows are things making it more outstanding.

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