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wooden bench, blue cushion, shoe shelves.jpge cushion, floating wooden shelves, patio Casa das Amigas

Wooden Board, White Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table, White Floor, White Wall
Wooden Bench, Blue Cushion, Shoe Shelves
White Wooden Built In Bench, Dark Blue Cushion And Pillows, White Floor, White Framed Window
Wooden Bench, Bookshelves, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Black Cushion
Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Round Space, Seamless Floor
Wooden Bench, White Cushion, White Floating Cabinet, Floating Shelves, Black Floor Lamp
Wooden Bench, Green Tufted Cushion, Wooden Oval Coffee Table
Wooden Crate, Blue Cushion, Blue Pillows, Grey Seamless Floor, Round Rattan Rug, Brown Leather Ottoman
Wooden Board Bench, White Cushion, Black Floor, Rattan Rug, Floating Shelves
Wooden Bench, Blue Cushion, Shoe Shelves.jpge Cushion, Floating Wooden Shelves, Patio

These days, everyone likes to think of a more eco-friendly things in their life as tthe reaction of global warming issue. This has affected the way people decorate their house, especially with minimalism wave comes to popularity again. If you want to get minimalist and simple with more eco-friendly ambiance, you might love the idea of using wooden pallet or bench in your room. This will give you comfort as well as a unique and natural look in the living room or bedroom. If you’re looking for some inspirations, this compilation is the right place to start.

Comfortable Living Room
This one puts pallet sofa in the living room and create a nice and comfortable seat out of it. The blue cushion and pillows match effortlessly while the wooden pallet also gives some space that you can use for side table. The addition of ottoman and stools make the space looks even more comfortable.

Smooth Modernity
If you love minimalist look, you would dig this smooth and sleek design. Both the wooden bench and the cushion show a minimalist look with some additional details on the bench. It gives some space for shelf and table.

Thin Board
This thin board is perfect for an entrance where you can emphasis how minimalist and light your house is. This board, however thin it is, makes a comfortable place to read and talk too. Putting it in the living room, you can put shorter cushion so that you have some spare space, like this one here.

Minimalist Patio
If you have some open space like this one, putting a minimalist yet comfortable bench like this is a great choice. This will allow you to enjoy your view or for you to simply enjoy the light. This one puts floating shelves that can support some reading books.

Serene Minimalism
Getting minimalist theme would help you get some serene and calming ambiance at home. This one here shows how calming it can be with smooth wooden bench and coffee table can be. With white sleek cushion on the bench, this bench is ready to give you comfort.

Reading Nook
Putting wooden bench in the window nook is a perfect thing to do if you’re looking for a reading nook. This one here puts a simple wooden bench with shelves below it and blue cushion on top that it can compliment each other in putting the most comfortable reading place.

Wooden Sofa Bench
This is a great example of sofa bench that can show both minimalism and comfort. The space below can be used for books of accessories. The similarly thin side table puts a nice compliment for the simple bench.

Tufted Comfort
tufted accent has been used to pronounce traditional look. And completing a simple wooden bench like this below, the green tufted cushion makes a perfect compliment.

Bright Patio
With its simple look, this wooden bench gives more freedom to put your character. You can give so many comfortable note with blankets and plants to create bohemian look or you can go simple and minimalist like this one here.

Minimalist Patio
Similar to the previous one, this one also installs minimalist wooden bench that gives a minimalist and light ambiance to the patio. The pillows makes sure the patio is a comfortable place to hang out and the floating shelves is perfect to place your accessories.

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