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Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Molding Ceiling, Crystal Chandelier, Grey Sofas, Dark Grey Ottoman, White Molding Fireplace, Golden Mirror, White Rug
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Tall Glass Window, White Wall, White Ceiling, Modern Study Table And Chair, Modern Floor Lamp, Fireplace, Old Golden Mirror, Bed
Bedroom, Chevron Wood Flooring, White Wall, Pink Curtain, White Desk, Parisian Chair, Mirror With Bulbs
Cornered Room, Wooden Floor, Cream Wall, Beige Curtain, Off White Vintage Lounge Chair, Wooden Cabinet, Blue Rug
Bathroom, White Black Tiles, White Wall, Crystal Chandelier, White Tub, Windows, Wooden Table, Wooden Stool
Classic Bedroom, Flower Wallpaper, White Ebd, Round Small Tall Canopy, White Table Lamp, Grey Wainscoting
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Studded Vintage Sofa, White Chair, White Wall, Molded Ceiling, Crystal Chandelier, Built In Shelves, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Basket Weave Flooring, White Molding Ceiling, Tall Glass Door, Sofa, Vintage Chair
Bathroom, Beige Wall, Beige Floor Tiles, White Tub, White Wooden Cabinet, White Wooden Stool, Crystal Chandelier, Opened Wooden Ceiling, Antique Sconces, Curtain, Mirrror
Study Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, White Studded Chair, Rustic Chandelier, White Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Books Shelves.

Parisian style or French style has inspired many people to decor their home with the calm and pretty look the style offered. It is understandable that many people can be interested to this vintage look that offers calm and aging look. Here below are some inspirations on Parisian style interior design that celebrate the vintage feeling.

Lovely Make Up Room
One of the notes that will make a room with perfect Parisian look is the high ceiling and tall windows. And this room have both. Not only that. The crystal chandelier makes the high ceiling looks more prominent. Added with studded chairs and ottoman, this room has all the notions you need in creating Parisian look.

Rustic Parisian
Although Parisian looks always pretty and white, sometimes it can also look rougher in natural look, like this one here in the picture. This one here has rustic elements on all over the room bu still give Parisian hints in the large windows and studded chair.

Parisian Corner
Creating French vibe in a room can also be done in a small room or in a corner of the room, especially when the room is located near the tall and large room with neutral colored curtain. The vintage lounge chair in this corner is also a pretty character strengthen the Parisian look.

Traditional French Home
One of the keys in creating perfect Parisian home is the traditional architecture. Celebrating the traditional shape of moldings, wooden floor, or arch are the best things to have when you try to get Parisian look. And this one here gets so many characters, like molding in the ceiling, tall glass door with aging look, and wooden floor. Not only that, the old looking furniture strengthen the look.

Modern French
French inspired room is a great thing to blend with modern look furniture. Seen in this picture is a bedroom with traditional architecture in molding fireplace, tall ceiling, tall windows, and wooden floor. However, it all looks amazingly good when the modern furniture filled the room with its sleek, lean, and geometrical, lines.

Parisian Living Room
Another characters that will help you get the Parisian look is the vintage sofa and chairs. It helps the aging look that the French so proudly embrace. Another thing is the crystal chandelier that make the overall look so endearingly beautiful.

Classic French
For those who love classic, French look is definitely the best thing that can come to your bedroom. Seen in this one, flowery wallpaper create a pretty traditional look to the whole room. The round tall canopy strengthen the look, also helped by the crystal chandelier.

Classic Living Room
Similar to the previous one, this one too holds classic French vibe. The prominent keys are the crystal chandelier, golden mirror, white molding ceiling, white molding fireplace, and vintage sofas. And all of those are combined perfectly well.

Classical Bathroom
This one is another classic look on French style. However, this one here i s for bathroom and this bathroom offers the best classical French vibe that will offer you luxury even with the gorgeous natural palette.

Minimalist French
While the previous one looks so rich and classic, this one here looks more minimalist and leave the French characteristics to minimal as in chandelier, large mirror, and the tiles also.

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