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Simple, Sleek, Sturdy Parsons

Parsons table is a table who has legs with the same size from the bottom to the top. It is really simple and symmetrical. However, with its simplicity, many people like to have it in their dining room, living room, or in the office. It’s all because it offers calm attribute to your room. Let alone if you already have a room full of furniture and decorations. With its vary design (usually the material that builds), you can choose the one perfect for you.

Aluminium Legs and White top

This one is not only simple but also neutral. If you carry a theme of monochrome or all-white, this one will carry out your plan the best.

stainless parsons table
Mitchell Gold Bob Williams

Wooden Parsons Table

It’s a different story for you who want to go natural look. Parsons table is also pretty when you use wood as the material.

wooden parsons table
James and James Furniture

Black at the Bottom, White at the Top

What makes people love this table is its simplicity and the color usually also simple. Like this one.

white marble top parsons table
Room and Board

Glass Top

This one is beautifully made although it’s still simple. The glass top changes its rigidness into arts.

wooden parsons table with glass insert
Toby Zack Design

Wooden Top, Sturdy Legs

In this one you can see that although the top is made of wood, the legs are somewhat stronger with its metal legs.

black steel parsons table with wooden top
Room and Board

Black Parsons

If you love feeling safe that any dirt should not be obvious, you will love this black Parsons table.

black wooden parson table with black marble top
Room and Board

Light Parsons for Work

Office room is usually messy. If it’s not, the head of the worker usually crowded. And for that, Parsons table is perfect as it offers simplicity.

yellow wooden parsons table with cream marble top

Parsons for Study

Just like working, studying can be stressful too. And what is the perfect furniture for that? Of course, the simple one.

wooden parsons table with polished top
Nicole Lanteri

Black Thin Parsons

In this office room, you can see how they manage the room to still look spacious: by having simple and light furniture.

black wooden parsons table
Love, Thomas

White Parsons with Additional Drawers

The good thing about Parsons table is that it can be really plain that anything you do to it will not make it too much. You can add additional drawers or shelves and it will still look good.

white parsons table with polished white top
Elad Gonen