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living room, white wooden floor, pink wall, white and wooden coffee table, white butterfly chair, white sofa, pink wall Apartment Therapy

Living Room, Patterned Rug, Patterned Chair, Blue Tufted Sofa, Golden Coffee Table, White Table Lamp
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Patterned Wainscoting, White Pendant, Yellow Chair, Green Sofa, White Round Coffee Table
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, White And Wooden Coffee Table, White Butterfly Chair, White Sofa, Pink Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Sofa, Rattan Chair, Pillows, Floating Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Grey Sofa, Whtie Rocking Chair, White Rug, Grey Woven Round Rug
Living Room, Grey Floor, Pink White Wall, White Pendant, Grey Sofa, Pink Velvet Ottoman, White Coffee Table
Living Room, Seamless Floor, Blue Sofa, Yellow Stool, Blue Stool, White Yellow Round Coffe Table, Patterned Stool, Colorful Cabinet
Living Room, Soft Pink Wallpaper, Soft Pink Striped Sofa, White Coffee Table, Golden Floor Lamp, White Side Table, Pink Rug
Living Room, Blue Flowery Wallpaper, Blue Shade, White Traditional Chandelier, Blue Sofa, White Side Table, White Ottoman, Blue Curtain, Wooden Floor
Living Room, Blue Floor, Yellow Wall, Pink Wall, Blue Floor Sofa, Pink Round Coffee Table, Blue Round Coffee Table

Creating a comfortable living room is everyone’s dream. One of the ways to create a comfortable and interesting living room is by using soft and pastel color in the room. It will create sweet, soft and warm feeling around the living room. This below is a compilation of living rooms with soft accents that you would love to see.

Elegant Soft
This living room has a soft and warm ambiance. The soft blue and patterned rug and chair make a really nice combination. The cream wall and coffee table combines well with the lighting fixtures. The golden accents on those make the room more elegant.

Soft Modern
If you love modern look, soft and pastel look is perfect for the mission. Here below shows how soft blue and yellow combines prettily with modern designs. The living room looks light, fresh and new.

Neutral Colors
This one below presents really pretty colors. With light yellow wall, the room starts with fun ambiance. The pink accent clearly notes the fun. the blue floor, sofa and coffee table join this colorful yet pastel party. The rug and another coffee table tune in with pink accent on the wall.

Soft Blue
A really nice use of soft blue color is seen in this one. The soft blue flowery wallpaper looks strong in the light blue ambiance. Completed with blue curtain, shade and sofa make the space look amazing. The matching white side table and ottoman makes a nice combination to the blue room.

Soft Wallpaper
This is another comfortable living room with soft look that is completed by soft and pretty wallpaper. The striped sofa adds another pattern without making the room look too heavy looking.

Soft and Contrast
While soft look minimizes a contrast look, this one here puts green and yellow on the seating and makes a nice contrast combination. This combination, though, blends easily with the white wall with green lines.

Soft Blue Center
This living room looks warm and comforting with all the color combination and the wooden material used in the room. The soft blue sofa, though, has stolen the attention by being pretty and fluffy. The pillows on the sofa makes it even more interesting.

Minimalist Pastel
This one uses neutral grey to decorate the space prettily. With minimalist look, the pink ottoman and wall look sweet and amazing.

Soft Peach
Combining pastel color with neutral color can create a sweet and minimalist look, like this one here. The soft and pastel wall is a warm touch to the neutral grey sofa. With some small bohemian accessories, the room looks interesting.

Pink Living
This living room creates a really nice ambiance with pretty pink on the wall and floor. Combined with white sofa, chair and coffee table, the living room looks even prettier. The peach floor lamp and flower accessories are just the perfect touches in this room. Created as an open space, this living room looks brighter.

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