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Bedroom, White Rug, Yellow Wall, White Yellow Striped Chair, White Bench With Yellow Cushion, Wooden Cabinet
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Yellow Wallpaper,white Bed Platform, White Bench, White Chair With Yellow Cushion, White Curtain
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Yellow Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, White Bedding, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Bench
Bedroom, Yellow Wall, Rattan Platform, Yellow Bedding, Yellow Table Lamp
Yellow Bedroom, Woden Floor, Pastel Yellow Wall, Yellow Cabinet, White Round Side Table, Wooden Plant Ot, Yellow Bedding
Bedroom, Yellow Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Shelves, White Bench, Large Window
Bedroom, White Patterned Wal, Pink Headboard, Pillows, White Side Table, Golden Table Lamp With White Cover, Yellow White Chandelier
Bedroom, White Floor, Light Yellow Wall, Yellow Bedding, Floating Shelves, White Side Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Light Yellow Wall, White Bed Platform, Wooden Round Side Shelves
Bedroom, Yellow Wall, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Table, White Wooden Chair, Whie Bench, White Side Cabinet

Creating a fun and sweet bedroom can be done by using pastel color. It can be pink, blue or yellow. However, with yellow as one of the most energizing color, pastel yellow would be an interesting choice that you would love to add in the bedroom. It helps adding fun and calming ambiance to the room. This below is a compilation of bedrooms with pastel yellow that you would love to have.

Warm Yellow
This bedroom has warm look with yellow wall and bedding. The rattan bed platform seen from the headboards and footboard add its own warmth and freshness. This combination is so pretty and perfect.

Traditional Yellow
This yellow bedroom makes an interesting details with plaid yellow on the curtain and bedding that matches the pastel yellow seen on the cabinet, and of course, the bright light comes to the room through the yellow curtain.

Pretty Traditional
This pretty bedroom has a simple and interesting traditional look. The combination of white and light yellow makes the bedroom looks easy and pretty. The white wooden furniture makes a neutral look while the details give a classic touches.

Yellow Wallpaper
Adding yellow in the bedroom can be tricky. While it is fun and pretty, it can be too energizing. Pastel yellow can be the solution. And if you think of something light, you might love to add even subtler yellow like this one here with its wallpaper. The yellows cushion and pillows give pretty details.

Warm Wall
This one uses yellow on the wall by painting it full. This yellow wall creates a pretty and warm look to the bedroom. Completed by wooden platform, side table and shelves, the room looks even warmer.

Bright Room
This yellow bedroom looks light and fun at the same time. The bright light from the large window creates a fun and wonderful feeling to this room. The deep wooden furniture completes the look perfectly well.

Pastel Wall
This bedroom combines light yellow on the wall with stronger yellow on the bedding. And this combination looks so pretty and easy. With grey area under the floating shelves, the bedroom gives more neutral ambiance.

Yellow Chandelier
Adding light yellow touch can also be done by adding yellow lighting fixture, like this one below. Adding subtle yellow lines on the geometrical wallpaper is also a great idea too.

Traditional Yellow
This is another pastel yellow on a traditional bedroom. The light wallpaper gives a calming notion to the warm and traditional look. It matches perfectly well with the white and yellow combination.

Fresh Yellow
Light yellow is also a good color when you try to prettify your beach house. This one here puts a pretty combination with yellow wall, white and yellow striped cushioned lounge chair, white bench with yellow cushion and white yellow bedding. The matching white floor, side table and floor lamp complete the look perfectly well.

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