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outdoor lounge chair from hyacinth in brown Uniqwa Collections

Round Green Sofa With Blanket, Green Pillows, Green Ottoman, White Round Coffee Table
Brown Wooden Bench With White Cushions, Pillows, Wooden Coffee Table With Metal Legs
Patio Wide Lounge Chair With Dark Rattan Material, White Cushion, White Pillows
Outdoor Chair In Green With Pillows In Green, Round Side Table In Green
Curvy Round Rattan Chairs With Brown Color, Black Cushion And Pillows, Round Coffee Table
Patio With White Lounge Chair And Rattan Chair With Grey Cushion
Outdoor Lounge Chair From Hyacinth In Brown
Outdoor Rattan Chairs With Grey Cushion, Grey Pillows, Side Table, Grey Rug
Long Chair With Hight Arm Rest From Light Brown Rattan Material With White Cushion, Pastel Colored Pillows
Round Outdoor Chair With Rattan Woven, Purple Cushions, Purple And Grey Pillows

Having a great time in  the backyard is really a dream today. Spending time with your big family and friends, talking and drinking for hours. To support the activity, though, it will be really amazing to have comfortable place. In making sure that your place have already the comfort that you need, you will need a comfortable chair. A chair that will not only giving the most comfortable sitting time but also a beautiful sight too. Here are some of the gorgeous outdoor chairs to get some inspirations from.


Round Chair

Round shape always gives a comfortable feeling. The curves remind us the fluffiness of pillows. That’s why round chair here have a really comfortable look. With its woven rattan, this chair looks incredible comfortable.


Woven Rattan Chairs

As natural material always has the warmth and comfortable look, it is so hard to feel comfortable just to see a rattan chair, especially when it’s woven beautifully like these ones. With round look on the outside and curvy on the inside with cushions and pillows, these chairs not only look but also feel good.


Green Spot

In this one here, you can see a great spot with muted soft green of rug, round chairs, even ottoman. They are beautifully arranged in a corner that looks like a great place to spend a personal time by reading or relaxing.


Wide Lounge Chair

It is a great thing to be able to spend the time relaxing with your loved ones. And that’s what wide and large lounge chair is for. With wide lounge chair, you will be able to relax together.


Simpler Chair

Compared to the previous one, this one here might be really simple. But, it has a great details on the slim woven of rattan. With its thin cushion, it gives light ambiance to the outdoor look. Having thin and light furniture in patio makes it easier to decorate patio with accessories.


Rattan Boat

Having a high arm rest without no back has made this rattan chair looks like a boat or a bed. It is a comfortable thought to be able to sleep around outside in a comfortable bed. But it is an interesting and beautiful sight to have a rattan boat outdoor.


Rope Chair 

It is an interesting thing to see Tidelli’s work. With their unique material of nautical rope, they successfully create beautiful furniture. This one here is a lounge chair from Tidelli for their 2019 collection. It’s amazing and looks so comfortable.


Bamboo Chairs

Just like another ones, this one too is a beautiful chair made from natural material. It is a big chair for one but small for two which means it will give anyone a wide space to sit around and probably to fall asleep on.


Pretty Hyacinth 

Another one from natural material, this pretty lounge chair. Made from hyacinth or water plants, this looks so pretty combined with the white surrounding of the patio. Giving natural vibe, the patio looks relaxing and calming.



Simple Wooden Bench

Although it seem like a bench with clean lines might not be able to give comfort, this one here will beg to disagree. With its simple wooden bench and white cushions, it successfully gives a perfectly comfortable look without being too much.

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