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Wonderful Patio Door Curtain Ideas for Home

You may love a patio door because it is modern, beautiful, and easy to access. Patio door may get you proper natural lighting or sunlight and excessive light. You also may get less privacy because of the glass patio door. Thus, you need patio door window treatments. You can set a shade or curtain to cover your patio doors. It will help you to solve your problem. You can choose your own curtain material and color for your patio door. You can choose the color that is suitable for the color of your room or the material that is proper for your patio door. Here are some patio door curtain ideas that will give you some inspiration.

Patio Door Curtain Idea for Casual Bedroom

The candlelight curtain is really suitable for your cream casual bedroom. The curtain is a little thick fabric.It is a calm color that will make your heart and living comfortable.

patio door curtain ideas window blinds cream couch and bed bench for bed white antique table lamp
Accent Window Fashions

Red Patio Door Curtain

Your white kitchen nook will be more pretty with red patio door curtain. The round dining table is made of dark oak, it gives an elegant structure. There is a brushed nickel light pendant above the dining table.

patio door curtain ideas kitchen nook design ideas dark oak four hands magnolia round dining table brushed nikel light pendant
Robeson Design

Patio Door Curtain Ideas for Small Kitchen

You can have transparent leaves patterned drapery curtain for your patio door. Your small kitchen will be able to get a nice sunlight trough the patio door. The kitchen comes with glossy white dining chairs and table.

patio door curtain ideas flowery leaves curtain beautiful curtain glossy white dining chair Tuscan brass country kitchen faucet
Urban Oasis

Silver Curtain Rod for Patio Door Curtain

You can hang your cream patio door curtain on the wide silver curtain rods. The bedroom comes with a beautiful and unique bronze chandelier.

traditional bedroom patio door curtain ideas decorative floor lamp wide silver curtain rod unique chandelier
Matpel Builders

Colorful Patio Door Curtain Ideas

The modern breakfast nook is decorated with a beautiful patio door curtain. The colorful curtain matches with the calm color of the dining nook and the red-brown wooden floor.

patio door curtain ideas boutique Living curtain tie back holder fern leaf bright brass modern breakfast nook
LeBlanc design

Green Themed Furniture and Patio Door Curtain

The Greenwich house looks so refreshing. The furniture and the patio door curtain have the same green color. You can paint your wall with calm cream in order to make the furniture and the curtain conspicuous.

patio door curtain ideas contemporary family room satin nikel roxy lantern column window and door green couch
Murdock Solon

Cozy Living Room

You can decorate your living room with some beautiful decoration such as star patterned pillow and blanket, Easton House Monahan floor lamp and double cream outdoor patio curtain.

patio door curtain ideas rustic living room monahan floor lamp gray twilight outdoor patio rug
Patrick Sutton

Massive Patio Door Curtain Ideas

Your patio doors and the arched window will look magnificent with the double silk panels pulled back with tassels and hanging from massive medallions. For the immersive lighting, you can install Balfour lantern with bracket.

patio door curtain ideas balfour lantern with bracket living room tall curtain big house
Finishing Touches

Patio Door Curtain Ideas for Small Bedroom

The patio door of your small bedroom can be covered by a two-tone curtain. You can choose the different colors for your bedroom style.

patio door curtain ideas venetian glass table lamp drape cream curtain beach bedroom cream fluffy rug
JH Interior Design

Curtains for 3-Panel Sliding French Door

You can feel the warmth of wood on the interior. You do not need to worry about the maintenance of your patio door.  It has a great durability of fiberglass on the outside. You can have the gray curtain with black curtain rod for your wood frame patio door.

patio door curtain ideas transitional living room gray tall curtain white couch wooden patio door
Window Craft