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dining room, green white floor tiles, patterned tiles on the wall, wooden table, rooden chairs, floaring wooden bench, pillow, pendant Decoist

Open Kitchen, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Tulip Table, White Modern Chairs, White Pendant, White Kitchen Table, Wooden Built In Cupboard
Dining Room, White Green Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Square Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Pendant
Dining Room, Grey Rug, Pale Yellow Wall, White Wainscoting, Chandelier, Flower Patterned Dining Chairs, Wooden Table
Open Kitchen, Patterned Floor Tiles, Green Ktichen Cabinet, White Backsplash, Floating Shelves, Marble Table, Orange Chairs
Dining Room, Green White Floor Tiles, Patterned Tiles On The Wall, Wooden Table, Rooden Chairs, Floaring Wooden Bench, Pillow, Pendant
Dining Room, Herringbone Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Flower Patterned Chair, Wooden Table, Flowery Shade
Dining Nook, Atterned Floor, White Wall, White Cornered Bench, Modern Table Wth Marble Top, White Chairs, White Chandelier, White Wall, Grey Door
Dining Room, White Black Red Hexagon Floor Tiles, Dark Green Wall, Wooden Cabinet With Red White Doors, Black Pendant
Dinning Room, Tiny Lfoor Tiles In Colors In Particular Patterns, Glass Table, Green Pink Chairs, Pink Chairs
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Black Patterned Rug, White Wainscoting Wall, Patterned Wall, Rectangular Chandelier, Wooden Table, Black Metal Chairs With Rattan Seat

Having patterns is something that not all people can do, especially more permanent patterns like in the wall and floor. However, patterns have its own charms. It can make the room more interesting. It makes the room livelier. Having patterns in the social rooms like dining room can create merrier vibe. These below are ten stunningly gorgeous dining rooms with patterns that will add more fun in meal time.

Tiny Tiles
This dining room is decorated by stunningly gorgeous tiles on the floor. These tiny tiles are not only colorful but also arranged in a beautiful patterns. The dining chairs are in the matching colors to the tiny floor tiles.

Tiles on the Wall
Adding patterns can be gained from the floor and or wall. This one here uses both floor and walls to generate patterns. With neutral green and white floor tiles, the patterns are subtle. But with small tiles on the wall with bigger patterns, the combination that the wall and floor give is more prominent.

Patterned Floor Tiles
The pattern on the floor in this one is already painted on the tiles. And it is an interesting thing to have such a bold and rather exotic patterns on the floor of a modern dining nest.

On the Wall and Rug
If you only think about patterns recently, you can add patterns in the easiest way: putting some pretty wallpaper and adding rug. In this one, you can see the combination of rug and wallpaper creates an incredible look to the dining room.

On the Shade and Chair
This one here is also a nice trick if you want to add patterns in you room without making renovation. You can add patterned furniture like dining chairs here and add matching shade on the wall.

Flowery Chairs
Similar to the previous one, this one also adds flowery pattern on the chair to bring lively and sweet vibe to the room. While the previous one adds some patterns, this one here stays in one set of dining chairs that it can maintain the elegant look overall.

Modern Open Room
On modern open kitchen and dining room, this pattern on the floor looks complementing. While making the room more interesting, the geometrical pattern supports the modern vibe in the room.

Minimalist Upper Side
When you want to go minimalist but you’re worried you’d get bored, adding a simple geometrical floor pattern can make the room lively. The combination of minimalist upper side of the dining room balances the patterned floor tiles.

Ragged Pattern
This one here has an interesting floor tiles. It has the crooked and jagged look where broken tiles are combined together. It brings calm from the idea of reusing. And the neutral color is a great match for the open room.

Hexagonal Tiles
For geometric pattern, hexagon tiles are most popular. It has more square that it can make the room more interesting. This one here uses three colors to create an interesting look. Combined with dark green wall and cabinet with red and pale colored door makes the overall look really joyful.

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