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Entrance Foyer, Warm Pattern Floor Tiles, White Wall, Black Metal Sconces, Black Door With Tinted Glass
Entrance Foyer, White Wall, Black White Checkered Floor Tiles, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, Blue Chair, Golden Side Table
Entrance Foyer, Pattern Floor Tiles, White Wall, Crystal Pendant, Black Wooden Door With Tinted Glass
Entrance Foyer, Brown Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Green Glossy Wall, White Ceiling, White Modern Pendant, Rug, Wooden Console With Drawers, Wooden Bench
Entrance Foyer, Pattern Marble Tiles, Blue Flowery Pattern Wallpaper, Marble Ceiling, Pendant, Round Wooden Table
Entrance Foyer, Brown Orange Pattern Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Pendant, Blue Wooden Console Table
Entrance Foyer, White Wall, Patterned Floor, Wooden Console Table, Blue Table Lamp, Golden Metal Pendant
Entrance Foyer, Orange Blue Pattern Floor, Terracotta Open Wall
Entrance Foyer, Checkered Floor Tiles, Patterned Wall, White Ceiling, White Pendant, Yellow Bench, White Console, Blue Framed Mirror
Entrance Foyer, Black Blue Brown Patterned Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Grey Stairs, White Ceiling

Some people like to show the neutral and warm entrance to the guests to acquire a calm look. Some other love to pronounce some patterns to make it more interesting and fun. It does not mean that the whole room should be polished in patterns. You can put the patterns on the floor or wall and leave the rest in more neutral look to balance it. Or, you can also put patterns on both. If you are interested in making pattern foyer, you would love these ones here and find some inspirations to go with.

Blue Floor
One beautiful way to make sure that your entrance foyer has pretty pattern is by putting pretty pattern in the floor. This one here uses blue patterned tiles on the floor with some frame tiles on the edge. This setting is accompanied with white wall and ceiling with minimal accessories.

Dark Patterns
Similar to the previous one, this one also has frame tiles on the edge. While the previous one shows bright neutral composition, this one shows darker composition. The pattern consists of dark grey, brown, with light blue accents in the middle. The grey wall and stairs bridges the dark floor tiles and the white ceiling.

Warm Patterns
This one here combines two patterns from the wall and floor. This combination is warm and interesting with blue accents on the floor and rough texture on the outside wall. The inside wall, however, is quite neutral and smooth and makes a great balance to the pattern. The cool blue door makes a beautiful accent here.

Fresh Warm
It can be really comfortable to see warm entrance first thing you come inside your house. That is why, it is perfect to put warm patterns on the floor. It brings warmth and interesting accent.

Merry Glasses
This one here puts pattern not only on the floor but also on the tinted glass door. This enables the room to have even more pattern when the sun light comes through and shadow falls on the floor and wall. The sconces also give more interesting shape and pattern.

Elegant and Traditional
This one here put elegance in the foyer with patterned floor tiles which is balanced with white wall. The black wooden door makes a strong and beautiful appearance that contrast the white wall and ceiling. The tinted glass on it strengthen the looks as well. And to accentuate the glamour, crystal chandelier on the ceiling is added.

Checkered Floor
Although putting complicated pattern can be endearing, simple pattern like checkered floor will give you a strong sight too. This simple entrance foyer looks immaculate with it.

Glossy Green
This one here successfully make a strong entrance foyer with the pattern and the glossy green wall. It is still completed with Persian rug along the entrance.

Flowery Wall
This one here adds the pattern from the wall. The blue wall looks so beautiful with white calming leaves on the surface. The marble floor and ceiling puts an elegant course here while the pendant and wooden table brings traditional look.

Floor and Wall
This one here brings pattern on the wall and floor and make the room really interesting with the combination. The different pattern contrast each other and with the same colors, they make a nice sight, completed with white pendant from the ceiling.

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