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pathway, brown patterned tiles, whtie fences, green plants Blenstone

Pathway, Orange Floor Tiles, Orange Open Wall, Green Door, White Window, White Fence
Pathway, Black White Pathway Tiles, Orange Open Wall, Grey Door, White Framed Window
Pathway, Black Tiles, Black White Checkered Tiles On Pathway, White Wall, Black Wooden Arch
Pathway, Black White Checkered Pathway, Orange Open Wall, White Window, Black Door
Pathway, Brown Patterned Tiles, Whtie Fences, Green Plants
Pathway, Black Tiles, Black White Patterned Pathway, Orange Open Wall, Black Fence
Pathway, White Wall, Black Front Door, Black White Floor Tiles
Pathway, Black Floor Tiles, Black White Patterned Floor Tiles, Orange Open Wall
Pathway, Blue Door, Blue Orange Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Open Wall

While the interior of a house is important, the exterior is as significant as the other. The exterior will give some broad expectation for those who see on how the interior would be. And it is also the first impression on how all people see you before they even come into the house. Part of the exterior people can see that you might want to decorate is the pathway. You can decorate it whatever you want. But, if you want to decorate it in simple and interesting way, you might want to see these pathways with patterned tiles.

Black Front
This pathway has several strong features. You can see it from the black front door, black metal fancy lattice, the golden accent, and the black floor tiles with white patterned in the middle. This pathway looks elegant and dark at the same time.

Dark Warmth
This one also shows rather dark pathway with the black tiles in the middle of the yard and combined with white patterned pathway. The warm orange open wall gives warmth to the black pathway.

Checkered Pathway
IF you love something simple with some interesting accent, you would love a simple black and white checkered pathway like this one. The black tiles surround it also pronounces the pathway better.

Warm Checkered Look
Similar to the previous one, this one also gives an interesting accent with black and white checkered look in the pathway. Balanced with warm orange open wall, this pathway looks simple and rustic. The checkered pattern only makes the rustic vibe more traditional.

Rustic Look
Not all different from the previous one, this one also combines the dark patterned tiles on the pathway with warm orange open wall. The combination shows a rustic and traditional look that goes well together.

Traditional Warmth
This one is another warm look that you can try on the pathway. And, not only warm, this one here shows quite an easy traditional ambiance with the pattern tiles on terracotta pathways as well as the open wall finish and white wooden window.

Bright And Sunny
This one here shows a bright and summer look with the fun floor tiles on the pathway. Completed with blue door, this setting looks fresh and pretty. It makes you feel happy just walking on it. If you love walking with summer vibe, you will love the color palette in this one.

Brown Tiles
If you love neutral and warm color, patterned tiles with brown palette can accentuate the warmth you want. It will look perfect with natural surrounding like flowers or plants, like seen in this one. The brown pattern blends well with the soil but gives more exciting look.

Long Path
While it can look so endearing in a short path, patterned tiles can bring long pathway different impression. This one here makes the pathway looks more exclusive yet still able to look simple too.

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