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bathroom, grey floor tiles, blue painted wall, wall partition with pattern tiles, grey pendants, white sink black support, black rail, round mirrors Archiproducts

Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Brown Wall, Blue Brown White Hexagonal Tiles On Wall And Floor, Blue Painted Wall, White Tub, White Floating Shelves
White Sliding Door Cabinet, White Sink, Abstract Lines Orange Brown Pattern Wall, Mirro
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Blue Painted Wall, Wall Partition With Pattern Tiles, Grey Pendants, White Sink Black Support, Black Rail, Round Mirrors
Bathroom, Light Grey Floor Tiles, Black Abstract Wall Tiles, Wooden Floating Venity With White Sink
Bathroom, Beige Floor Tiles, White Toilet, White Floating Vanity With White Sink, Grey Wall, Middle Dented Shelves, Abstract Tiles On The Tub, Half Wall Down
Bathroom, Pink Abthroom Floor Tiles, Patterned Marble Wall, Pink Backsplash, Grey Floating Vanity, White Sink, Sconce, Glass Partition
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Black Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Grey Floating Vanity, White Sink, Blue Abstract Pattern Wall Tiles, Floating Bxes, Mirror, Pendant
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Hexagonal Floor And Walltiles, Wooden Floating Vanity, Stone Sink, Wooden Stool, Mirror
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Wooden Rectangular Tub, Black Faucet, Grey Wall,
Bathroom, Hexagonal Tiles On The Entire Wall, White Tub, White Shower Faucet

Patterned tiles can be installed in anywhere in the room. And putting it in the room will make the room feel more fun and not boring at all. Installed it on the bathroom will make your shower time more interesting. Here below are some some bathrooms that will you feel energized just walking on the room.

Patterned Marble Wall
Marble is one the best tiles that can give you a wonderful natural look. You can go with the most subtle or the ones with strong patterns on it like this one. Among the pale pink tiles, the pattern looks strongly beautiful.

Abstract Pattern
An interesting pattern like abstract pattern can give a bathroom a whole different vibe. This one here combines wooden and hexagonal floor tiles with abstract wall tiles that the combination looks contrast and pretty.

Half Abstract
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses abstract pattern on the wall. Using it half wall down makes the bathroom interesting without putting it in too cramped look.

Abstract Lines
While many people love to have symmetrical look, this one here is similar to the previous one in using abstract vibe. However, this one only uses straight lines that block different warm color.

Entire Hexagonal
This one here uses hexagonal tiles with different colors hue that makes the wall does not have one colors only but also still makes it neutral. This bathroom has a strong vibe of modernity with the tiles and tub.

Black Abstract
If you love to have black strong vibe but with more interesting details, these black abstract tiles can be the best option. It gives neutral look while empowers the contrast of lighter colors like the wooden floating vanity with the white sink.

Neutral Hexagonal
In this one here, the hexagonal tiles are used for the floor an the half wall down. IT creates a continues and interesting look in the bathroom. The tiles are arranged in a particular pattern but still in neutral color area. The floating vanity blends perfectly with the surrounding.

Scattered Tiles
This bathroom below shows an incredible use of the hexagonal tiles. It is installed on the floor and walls following the necessity that needs to be covered. It is seen on how the tiles are installed higher on the shower wall area and lower on the tub wall area. The combination of brown, blue, and white is exceptional.

Pattern Partition
The use of pattern tiles can be in any part of the bathroom. In this one, it is seen that patterned tiles of grey and white are used for the wall partition. Used among the blue grey vibe, it blends perfectly well along the the pendants and the white sink.

Statement Wall
Another role in which patterned tiles can help the bathroom to look pretty is the statement wall. Used among the bright green wall, this one looks on point with its grey and white tiles.

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