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bathroom, white pebbles under white tub, white faucet, wooden floating shelves, marbled wall and floor Home Designing

White Floating Vanity, White Cink, Wooden Plank On The Wall, Mirrors, Grey Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, Pebbles Ont Eh Floor
White Pebbles On Bathroom Floor, Glass Divider, Floor Tiles
Vanity With Pebbles On The Table, With Glass Surface, Clear Sink, Framed Mirror, Wooden Cabinet
Bathroom, White Pebbles Under White Tub, White Faucet, Wooden Floating Shelves, Marbled Wall And Floor
Pebbles On The Entire Shower Wall, Brown Floor Tiles, Black Shower Faucet
Bathroom, White Pebbles Floor, White Wall, Built In Shelves, White Tub, White Stool
White Pebbles On Shampoo Niches, Whiet Wall Tiles
Bathroom With Black Pebbles On The Floor, Wooden Look Wall Tiles, Silver Faucet
A Line Of Pebbles On The Shower Wall And Shampoo Niche, Glossy Wall Tiles, Silver Faucet
Vanity With Pebbles On The Surface, Enclosed With Glass, Brown Sink, Silver Faucet, White Cabinet, Mirror

In the bathroom, there are many items that you can pick, from tub/shower, toilet, to the tiles and decorative features in the bathroom. And here now we would talk about natural decorative features that makes bathroom even refreshing and cool: pebbles. As there are many ways you an use pebbles in decoration, here below are some inspiring examples that you will fall in love with.

Pebbles Look
One of the beautiful tricks to do with pebbles is putting it under the glass vanity so that it will visible but not touchable. Seen in this one is a beautiful sample of how you should do it. This adds textures and dimension to the room without making it cluttered.

Elegant Rustic Vanity
Similar to the previous one, this one also displays beautiful pebbles on the vanity under the clear glass top. Along with wooden cabinet and framed mirror with rustic look, this set is a beauty. The clear sink does not add more layer but it allows pebbles to shine more.

On Niches
If you want to treat pebbles as the little accent in the bathroom, you can do it like this one here. Putting it inside the shampoo niches to give more textures and dimension to the corner.

On the Wall and Floor
If you want to show much more of white pebbles, you will love to see this one here. Installed on the floor and wall, it looks beautiful and refreshing. The warmth and natural feeling are strongly pronounced from this one.

The Entire Wall
While the previous one is still a little bit on the subtle side, this one here is stronger and have rougher textures. Although to some people this might look too much, it can’t be denied that this gives an interesting ambiance.

Make a Line
If the previous one looks too much, this one here is probably what you prefer more. With pebbles in straight line with the shower, this one gives a strong yet enough touch of the natural pebbles. Putting it inside the shampoo niche also makes it more interesting.

Pebbles Path
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses pebbles as an interesting accent. However, while it is used in the wall in the previous one, in this one it is used as a pathway on the floor.

On the Floor
As interesting as it is on the wall, pebbles also look great on the floor. And with its textures, it can help adding more friction to the floor so that people will not trip nor slip.

White Pebbles
In this picture, the beauty of the bathroom is laid especially on the white pebbles cemented on the floor and the sleek and neat white tub in the middle. And this has made this bathroom looks fresh and natural.

Beautiful Nature
In this beautiful bathroom surrounded with natural stone from marble to pebbles, bath time must be really amazing. The floating wooden shelves are a great line too it does not look like shelves. The pebbles, not cemented on the floor, are a great touch between the marble and tub.

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