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three bathroom marble sink with silver metal faucet, long towel rack divided into three parts BDR Custom Homes

White Round Sink Without Vanity, With Towel Rack Under It
White Kitchen Sink With Towel Rack
Two Bathroom White Sink With With Cream Counter Top, Bronze Faucet, Towel Rack
Long Light Grey Marble Sinks With Two Faucets, Long Towel Rack In Front Of The Cabinet Under The Sink
Two White Bowl Sinks Sitting On Wooden Vanity With Towel Rack Under It
Three Bathroom Marble Sink With Silver Metal Faucet, Long Towel Rack Divided Into Three Parts
Long Green Marble Sink With Two Faucets, Long Towel Rack In Front Of The Towel Shelves Under The Sink
Metal Kitchen Sink With Towel Rack
Two White Sinks On Top Of Cream Counter Top With Towel Rack On The Side Of The Mirror
Two White Sinks With Brown Marble Vanity, Towel Rack Under The Vanity

Bathroom furniture is varied. What you have in your bathroom depends on what you need and what you want to be there. If you need sink, you will face gazillion kinds of sink types that you can choose. When you think you want to consider having tub or shower or both, there will be plenty options you can install those. And it also depends on you the kinds of sink you need for your bathroom. You can have a simple sink, a fancy sink, or sink with towel rack. For the latter, you will find that there are so many the markets offer you. However, which one you really need will need to be considered, both from the function and from the design. Below are some cool and beautiful samples that will look good in your bathroom.

Kitchen Sink with Towel Rack

This is a really practical sink for a kitchen as you always need to wash your hand before touching the food ingredients. Thus you need to make your hand dry before it too. This will help you keeping the towel.

White Classic Kitchen Sink

This beautiful sink is rarely seen in the kitchen yet it gives a classic look to the kitchen and its large size makes it easier to wash your vegetables and fruits. And after you wash your fruits and vegetables, you can dry your hands with towel that is placed in the towel rack just under the counter.

Bathroom Sink with Towel Rack

This is a beautiful bathroom sink with its white cream nude color that will go pretty together. The towel rack is in front of the cabinet under the sink.

Sink with Long Towel Rack

This one is pretty practical with its longs towel rack. Even though it is divided into three parts, you can still add more towels in case you have some different towels with some different functions.

Sitting Sink with Towel Rack

This pretty sinks on top of the counter top is simple with white color and golden faucet. The towel rack is installed against the wall near the mirror.

Long Green Sink

This pretty green sink is like emerald in the bathroom. Its long sink has two faucets for two people to use it. The long rack in front of it is designed to be able to store as many towel as possible. And the towel storage itself is under the sink. It is so practical and ergonomic.

White Long Sink

This is another long sinks with two faucets and it’s another beauty you can get for your bathroom. The towel rack is traditionally placed under the counter top.

Under the Counter

This simple white sink is covered with brown marble counter but under the counter, there is nothing that covers the sink. However, you can always use towel that is hanged to the rack under the counter.

Under the Wooden Board

With these white bowl sinks, the vanity looks pretty. However, it has another pretty thing under the vanity: small tower rack that you will find quite handful.

Under the Sink

This one is really gorgeous even without vanity. Although, on second thought, the absence of vanity is what makes this is a pretty sink. Added a round metal of towel rack, this is quite simple yet practical sink.

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