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Piling House Plans Screened Home White Piling Rustic Design Gray And Blue Metal Roof Wooden Building And Staircase Sliding Glass Windows And Doors
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Piling House Plans Elevated Deck Tall Window Screens Metal Roof Wood Piling Iron Fence Sliding Glass Door
Piling House Plans White Wooden House Metal Roof Wood Piling Nice Dormers Traditional Entrance Chandelier Decorative Palm
Piling House Plans Modern And Natural Combination Design Metal Roof Wooden Building Minimalist Glass Wood Windows And Doors Cozy Dormers
Piling House Plans Screened Home Modern Design Sand Pathway Iron Fence And Outdoor Staircase Nice Ceiling Pendants
Piling House Plans Elevated House Cedar Shake Roof Clean Porches Black Garage Door Dormers Savvanah Grey Painting Wood Frame Stairs Wood Railings

Making a plan to build a house may make you excited. You should consider the materials you will use to build your dream house. If you have a piling house, it will be an extraordinary idea. The use of piling for a house will make an elevated house. It will give you a unique exterior design and a great view. You can make the piling house next to the lake or in the deserted area. You can make a piling house in traditional or modern design. Here are some piling house plans that may inspire you in building a house.

Pond House

If you want to build a house that is next to a small lake, you can put piles into the water. This is an innovative way to get close to the water. You can also make a nice deck. Putting the piles into the water will raise your house and will give you a great view.

Cost Efficient Piling House Plans

This piling house looks beautiful with white metal roof and white wall. You can have double deck white nice furniture arrangement. There is a dormer for an additional house accent. The homes of this style tend to be more cost efficient to build.

Container House

You need a lot of metal structure added to this piling house. The exterior design of a container house looks minimalist and unique.

Raised Cabin with Wraparound Porch

This piling house has an elevated deck and looks simple. You can add ventilation possibilities from the top roofs. The wood piling house plans will blend with the environment naturally.

Rustic House

You can have a piling house with a rustic feel. This home provides a balcony area, screened home, and outdoor stairs. A house with lots of glass will give you natural light.

Piling House Plans with Contemporary Exterior

You will love this medium size piling house that is made of wood. This house can be located near a wooden area. You can also make different placement of the same wood for the house exterior and put the metal roof.

Beautiful Beach House

This pure white piling house is so lovely. This house features a front staircase, louvered panels covering the open space underneath, metal roof, white siding, and dark stain doors.

Screened House with Telephone Poles

If you want to build a piling house, you should fully consider the features of the land and the surroundings. This house rests on reclaimed telephone poles. For the unique roof, you can get galvanized aluminum material.

White and Red Brick Piling House Plans

You can have a beautiful contrast of white and red brick for a piling house. This home provides front entrance stairs, cedar shake roof, clean porches, and a garage under the living space.

Beautiful House with Helical Piles

Helical Piles are hidden underneath this beach-front home. You will love the exterior layout and the desk. You need the set up of below deck storage to cover the open space under living area.

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