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bathroom, pink patterned wall tiles, white wall, white toilet, white sink, tall long mirror, bamboo stool Digs Digs

Bathroom, Wooden Upper Wall, Pink Tiles On Bottomwall, White Toilet, White Tub
Bathroom, Pink Patterned Wall Tiles, White Wall, White Toilet, White Sink, Tall Long Mirror, Bamboo Stool
Bathroom, Grey Herringbone Floor Tiles, Pink Wall, Pink Arch Ceiling, White Brick Partition
Bathroom, White Round Sink Vanity, Golden Stool, Pink Marble Tub, White Wall, Round Mirror, Pink Marble Shelves
Bathroom, White Wall, Pink Marble Wall And Floor, Golden Faucet, White Marble Floating Shelves
Bathroom, Mirror Vanity Cabinet, Large Mirror, Pink Marble Wall, White Toilet
Bathroom, Pink Wall Tiles, Pink Ceiling, White Floor Tiles, Black Console Table, White Toilet, Glass Partition
Bathroom, Pink Tub, Pink Wall Tiles, Pink Floor Tiles, Black Tiles
Bathroom, Soft Pink Marble Wall, Round Large Mirror, Pink Console Vanity Table, Pink Tub, Pink Toile
Bathroom, White Wall, Pink Subway Floor Tiles And Wall, Square Large Window, White Tub

Pink can bring so many kinds of ambiance. When it goes soft, it brings out calming and sweet look but when it comes out strong, it brings out strong and cheerful look to the room. If you love pink, you would love the inspirations below as it can give you some ideas on how to decorate your bathroom. The compilation will show you some themes that can perfectly be created with pink color. Enjoy!

Pink Shower
This simple bathroom makes sure that it has the best things to prettify the room. Using marble wall and floor in soft pink color, the small space looks more elegant despite the space. It is also supported by the golden touches seen in the shower and metal necessities.

Blush Simply
This modern bathroom has a great space with large area for showering, toilet, and vanity in one room enclosed with glass partition and a parted area to get ready. With the glass partition, the rooms look like an attractive big blushed pink room despite the simple tiles on the wall and pink finish on the ceiling.

Strong Pink
If you want to have a pink bathroom with strong look, this one here can give you some adorable inspiration. The bathroom setting itself is quite traditional. However, it is empowered with interesting curvy nook for the pink marble tub while the surrounding gives simple and easy pink tiles framed with black tiles.

Unique Tropical Pink
This one below is really interesting and unique. the pink curvy ceiling makes a strong accent in this bathroom. The shower area is parted with white brick partition and pink sink and the room is decorated cheerfully with the plants.

Modern Pink Bathroom
This bathroom is so beautiful with its simplicity. The pink subway tiles are supporting the wall and wall. The combination with white wall and tub makes it even prettier. Without many accessories, the large window brings out a strong accent.

Natural and Open
If you love natural look, you would probably look for something earth and brown. Pink has been a great companion for natural look with its brownish shade. As seen in this one, pink marble on the shower and toilet area has brought sweet look while also empowering the natural look. The tall wooden wall makes the bathroom looks most special.

Soft Elegance
This one here puts a simple and modern look with its sleek and smooth surface and lines. The soft pink marble on the wall brings out its elegance. The combination of the soft pink marble and the muted pink tub, vanity table, and toilet bring the perfect look.

Mirroring Pink
If you want to make a larger effect in your space, you might love an addition of mirror. This one here puts mirror quite large on the vanity while also support it with mirror cabinet. This has made the pink marble looks like its everywhere. And that also means the elegance is strongly seen in the space.

Minimalist Pink
This is another bathroom with simple setting. The room combines white wall and gorgeous pink marble on the tub and vanity wall. The simplicity is strengthened with white round tall vanity sink.

Pink Patterned
Another way to give strong statement is by decorating the room with patterns. Putting on pink patterns on the wall and tub like this one has made the bathroom looks fresh and gorgeous. Its white companion is perfect for the patterns.

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