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bathrom, white marble floor, pink wall, white marble wall, pink vanity, white vanity top Vanguard

Bathroom, Grey Wall, Pink Accent, Gery Marble Tub, White Toilet
Bathroom, Brown Floor, White And Pink Wall Tiles, Round Mirror, Black Vanity, Wooden Vanity Top, White Round Sink, White Toilet
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, Pink Wal, White Wall, Brown Vanity
Bathroom, White Marble Wall, White Marble Floor, White Marble Vanity Top, Pink Accent Wall
Bathroom, White Wall, Pink Wall, Ruond Mirror, Grey Floating Vanity, White Toilet, Pendants
Bathroom, Pink Hexagonal Wall Pink, White Wall, White Toilet, White Floating Sink, Mirror, Pendant
Bathroom, Pink Cabinet, White Marble Vanity, White Wall, Pink Hexagonal Wall Tiles, Round Mirror, Golden Lines
Bathrom, White Marble Floor, Pink Wall, White Marble Wall, Pink Vanity, White Vanity Top
Bathroom, Pink Floor Tiles, White Wall, Pink Wall, White Indented Shelves, Floating Grey Vanity, Vaulted Ceiling, White Tub
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Pink Subway Wall Tiles, Shower, White Sink

Decorating bathroom is always fun as there are so many things we can do. The tiles itself has allowed us to get creative, not to mention the mirror, vanity or even the faucet. And we can still play with theme, texture, or, the simplest one, color. Here below are ten sweet blushed pink bathrooms that has been decorated to the tiny details. If you love something sweet or pink or both, below are a good place to start collecting ideas.

Pink Hexagon
This bathroom has a very interesting accent with pink hexagonal tiles on the wall. The geometrical lines bring incredible modern feeling and the uneven surface makes interesting depth in the space. Combined with white, this bathroom looks sweet and soft.

Pink Combination
This bathroom has an interesting combination. The pink cabinet and hexagonal tiles on the wall create a soft and sweet vibe while the golden lines and white marble bring out elegant and luxurious vibe. This combination is calming and beautiful.

Pinkish White
This incredible bathroom under the vaulted ceiling brings out pinkish vibe in the large space and makes the room looks really lovely. The combination with white puts it even stronger. The vaulted ceiling makes the whole bathroom feels really amazing.

Pink Subway
This simple bathroom looks really pretty with its simplicity and the pink look on the wall. The wooden floor support the simple and minimalist look that this sweet and blushed bathroom has. Although subway tiles are probably simplest one, with the right color, it can create a pretty finish.

Soft Pink
The combination in this one is really pretty with white wall and soft pink accent wall. The interesting pendants above the toilet it pretty and completing the bathroom really well while the grey floating vanity brings balance to the combination.

Pink in Grey
Grey is a great neutral color. It is not too dark and it is not too bright. And it is a great choice to combine it with soft pink, as seen in this one. The grey marble tub and wall blends perfectly while also puts a hint of elegance.

Small Hexagon
Also using hexagonal pink tiles, this bathroom looks modern and interesting. The small tiles bring out interesting look among the elegant white marble seen in the vanity, wall and floor.

Elegant Pink
This one is another white and pink combination that looks incredible as well. The white marble makes the space looks elegant along with the golden accent while the pink wall and vanity soften the bathroom.

Modern and Minimalist
With its smooth surface and little details, this bathroom is perfect for you who love minimalist and modern look in the bathroom. The pink wall and door gives interesting touch to the white bathroom.

Pink Bottom
Putting pink color on the bottom of the wall can bring an interesting vibe as seen in this bathroom. Combined with black lines and white color, this bathroom successfully brings out modern look with details that are not too much.

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