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kitchen, grey floor, pink cabinet, wooden upper cabinet, grey backsplash, green dining table Desire to Inspire

Kitchen, Dark Grey Cabinet, Marble Backsplash, Marble Island, Pink Wall, White Golden Pendant, Golden Black Stools
Kitchen, Pink Bottom Cabinet, Grey Wall, Black Upper Cabinet, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Soft Pink Shelves, Pink Rug
Kitchen, Seamless Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Pink Bottom Cabinet, Magnetic Board, Green Shelves, Yellow Board
Kitchen, Patterned White Floor, White Wall, Dusty Pink Cabinet, Black Built In Cupboard, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Backsplash, White Fridge, Soft Peach Cabinet
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Pink Cabinet, Wooden Upper Cabinet, Grey Backsplash, Green Dining Table
Kitchen, White Floor, Soft Pink Wall, White Fridge, Soft Green Bottom Cabinet, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, White Floor, Pink Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Marble Backsplash, White Wall, Golden Cover
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Bottom Cabinet, White Pendant, Black Round Tulip Table, Pink Chair

While decorating a kitchen in a strong and bold color can be interesting and make the mood in creating food pumped up, putting soft and pastel color in the kitchen will make the space feels softer thus calming. Color like pink will make the room feels sweet and romantic. Pink is perfect for those who love to see the kitchen to blush sweetly. These below are ten beautiful and sweet pink kitchen you would love to get for inspirations.

Luxurious Pink
Sweet pink in this kitchen is combined with luxurious marble backsplash that make the combination looks sweet and elegant, especially with golden line at the bottom of the cabinet and the hood above the stove. This combination looks elegant and luxurious.

Pink Cabinet
Using soft pink cabinet on dark grey wall surely makes the room looks modern while also gives out sweet look. Warm by lean wooden dining set, the kitchen brings out modern and sweet look.

Soft Pink
Grey is probably one of the perfect colors to combine with pink. It is because grey is a neutral color and easy to combine with. It can be seen from this combination below. Added with pale yellow and green, the kitchen looks softly colorful.

Soft Peach
This kitchen looks amazing with soft and pastel pink on the wall. The soft color looks great on the green bottom cabinet also. This setting looks bright and stunning.

Soft Pink
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses soft and pastel pink to make a statement. However, instead of using a dark canvas, this one here puts the soft pink color looks even softer with white canvas.

Bright Soft Pink
Strengthening the soft and pastel look in a room can also be done by adding much more light come into the room. This one here puts a great look with glass windows on the ceiling and wall. This bright light brings the already soft look kitchen softer and brighter.

Dusty Island
An interesting and soft look is seen in the kitchen below. The dusty pink cabinet looks soft yet strong in this neutral environment. The patterned floor makes the space looks even more interesting.

Patterned Backsplash
This one here puts soft pink wall in the kitchen and makes the space looks soft and sweet. The patterned that gathered simply on the backsplash bring the kitchen soft and warm look. The bare wall presents minimalist ambiance.

Modern Elegant
This one here is another modern and elegant look that is gained by combining grey and pink color on the kitchen. The soft pink on the wall compliments the deep and dark grey of the cabinet and island. The marble island top makes the setting looks even more elegant.

Sweet Cabinet
In this modern kitchen, the sweet pink cabinet makes the room looks pretty and nice. The greyish color on the countertop and backsplash match perfectly well with the floor. This neutral color blends well with the natural look on the upper cabinet.

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