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living room, pink flowery rug, white ottoman, grey chair, pink sofa, rattan coffee tbale, rattan side table, white wainscoting Gal Meets Glam

Living Room, Pink Wall, Pink Patterned Rug, Soft Pink Sofa, Shocking Pink Chairs, Golden Floor Lamp, Golden Side Table, Golden Framed Round Coffee Table
Living Room, White, Pink Velvet Chairs, Pastel Colored Rug, Wooden Round Small Coffee Table, Golden Framed Glass Side Table
Living Room, White Wall, Pink Sofa, Blue White Striped, Wooden Chairs, White Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Curvy Floor Lamp, Pink Velvety Sofa, Pink Side Table, Glass Pendants, White C Shaped Coffee Table, Brown Rug
Living Room, Pink Patterned Rug, Blue Tufted Sofa, Grey Chairs, Golden Framed Side Table, White Coverred Table Lamp, Golden Framed Coffee Table, White Covered Floor Lamp
Wooden Floor, Blue Watercolored Pattern Rug, White Wall, Mirror, Pink Cornered Sofa, Glass Round Coffee Table
Living Room, Pink Flowery Rug, White Ottoman, Grey Chair, Pink Sofa, Rattan Coffee Tbale, Rattan Side Table, White Wainscoting
Living Room, White Wall, Silver Iron Sofa With Pink Cushion, White Coffee Table, Grey Chair, Mirror, Table Lamp
Living Room, Pink Blue Patterned Rug, Blue Chairs, White Sofa, Pink Blue Pillows, Golden Framed Glass Coffee Table, White Console Table
Living Room, White Patterned Rug, White Wall, Bamboo Sofa With Pink Cushion, Bamboo Coffee Table, Rattan Ottman

A pretty and sweet room can be what girls or women want, especially those who love some blushed romantic ambiance that can embrace them in whatever the mood is. Pink is the perfect color to create a wonderful sweet room when you choose the right shade. And this color performs brilliantly in a living room or a bedroom. This is because pink, the soft and pastel shade, can offer warmth and comfort in the room. If you are looking for sweet pink look in the living room, these pictures below can give you perfect examples how pretty it can be.

Soft and Cheerful
This living room presents a fun combination. Even though it revolves around pink color, the addition on the rug complements the room perfectly well and makes the room to not only sweet but also fun looking.

Soft Blue Pink
This one here gives off a soft radiant look in the room with the combination of soft pink, blue and white that create an elegant and soft living room. The golden framed glass coffee table is a perfect finish to this soft setting.

Elegance and Sweet
Sweet pink can work well with golden lines as seen in the previous one. This below puts even more elegant look with its golden lines on the table and floor lamp as well as the side and coffee table.

Blushed Pink
This living room is a pretty area where you can catch up with your friends and family. The wall has blended with the sofa and such a great complement to the chairs while the pink patterned rug gives fun and cheerful note to the space.

Striped Rug
This living room puts an interesting combination. The pastel pink sofa is combined with bold white blue striped rug and interesting paintings on the wall that makes it more lively and fun.

Minimalist Pink
The one below puts an interesting accent of minimalist lines and details while putting pink cushion on the sofa and pillows on it. The pastel shade brings comfort and great ambiance even though it looks simple.

Velvety Pink
This modern and sophisticated living room look gorgeous. The velvety pink sofa puts up a good center for the bold curvy white floor lamp and coffee table. The warm wooden floor and rug create a warm background for this combination.

Pink Cornered Sofa
This one here puts a simple setting with one glass coffee table and pink cornered sofa that has circled the room perfectly well and make it a nice seating. The pink sofa puts a nice touch to the modern and simple living room.

Natural Pink
This living room putsup a gorgeous natural look th sweet pink on the cushion. The soft pink color compliments the natural seating, table, ottoman and accessories around.

Fresh Peach
The combination of orange and pink puts a fresh look of peach. And that is exactly that makes this room looks amazing. The comfortable peach sofa brings out an incredible center to the neutral surrounding.

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