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wooden bars, blue square pots Pinterest

White Wooden Partition, Pot At The Bottom
Metal Wire With White Small Pots, Wooden Floor, Rug, Green Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table
Stone Wall With Holes And Shelves, Pots Hanging From The Holes
Wooden Bars, Blue Square Pots
Wooden Square Pots Between Wooden Bars, Wooden Bench With Grey Cushion
White Metal Rod, White Pots Floating In The Middle
Wooden Bar Partition, Three Shelves, Wooden Floor, Grey Chairs, Wooden Round Table
Planter Partition With Glass With Holes
Grey Partition With Planter, Golden Lines
White Round Pipes For Planter, Floating From Thin String

The best thing about having open room is having the large and bright room. This room will let air flow better and make it easy to hold a social gathering. However, sometimes, even for an open room, you want some partition to line one function to the other. For you who love to add natural thing in your room or you who love to raise the eco-friendly feeling in your house, you would want your room feels bright, large, and fresh. Thus, fresh planter partition would be perfect for you. These below are some inspirations you would love to see.

Solid White
This one here is a solid partition with square and solid pot at the bottom. The pot can have any plant. However, this one here presents a pretty inspirations with some vines that can spread to the wooden partition.

Floating Pots
If you love the light feeling you have in the open room, you might want to try the light partition as well. It can be gained by putting one of these metal rod sprouting from a board. The pots can be put in the middle of the rods and it will give floating illusion.

White Pipe
Similar to the previous one, this one also can give floating effect. Although, this one here is more of hanging the pot with strong and thin string from the ceiling to the floor. If you are wishing of putting plants that will need a lot of water, it is advisable to put some basket with soil at the floor.

Pots Between Bars
This one here puts the floating wooden pots between the wooden bars and adds a refreshing and warm partition to the room. It is perfect for those who just want to give some barriers without being to close the room.

Grand Partition
If you’re looking for a grand partition, this one here can give the perfect example. The plants are shaped beautifully and raise this high. The plant itself is guarded with glass cage with holes in it. This obviously can meet your preference. If you wish to add without the glass is fine too.

Grey Stone Wall
This one here is a more solid partition, compare to the previous ones. However, with all the holes and floating shelves, the gray stone wall can make the pretty plants hang from it as you can see from this one.

Wooden Bars
This one here is another wooden bar partition. With shelves in the middle of the bars, it can be a pretty partition with pots. The idea is simple.

Blue Pots
This one is also a simple thing you can try to separate the room. Although it is not portable, but the lightness the bars give can make the room feel light. The blue square pots are beautiful contrast to the bar.

Pots on Wire
This one might not so big but this can be a small partition especially when your room already has chairs to part it too. The idea is simply adding metal wire and puts small pots on it.

Portable Golden Lining
This one here is perfect for a minimalist rooms. With grey simple partition, it will complete the look well. The golden lines give an elegant accent and the plants give fresh touch to the room.

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