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Custom Pots, Custom Paints In The Shape Of Face
Smooth Black Stone Pots, Artistic
Square Pot Supported With High Wire
White Pot With Chicken's Feet Support Metal
Dark Cube Metal Flower Planter
White Pot With Geometrical Line Support Under
Round Silver Pot With Rose Shades, White Small Petals Flowers
Geometrical Cubes Planters
Colorful Painted Pots For Plants
White Glossy Plants Pot With Round Pot, Vertical Line Support

If you love plants indoor, you might not surprised by how many kinds of beautiful plant pots that can be really beautiful. However, if you don’t like to garden, you will be surprised how something small like plant pots can be really beautiful. You might be surprised at how people put their hearts out to make something small in great details. Well, let’s not hassle and just get down to the table plants pots ideas.


Going Vintage

The first that we’ll discuss is this pretty pots that look vintage and elegant. With its tint of rose shade, this one creates feminine light around it. Adding a small flowers will make it even more pops out.


Black as Coal

This one here uses hard surface like stone that will look natural but will not ruined as much as wooden pot. This smooth surface black stone gives a touch of artistic and modernity at once.


Geometrical LineĀ 

If you are the kind of person who love geometrical line or shape, you might love this one. With neutral white pot that will go great with any colors of plants, the detail is in the support line wire under.


Round Cup on Top

Similarly with the previous one, this one here is also supported by the the line under it. This one is supported by vertical line from the base with white round cup on top to hold the plants.


Chicken’s Feet

When talking about the support of the pot, you might want to see the details on the support too as there are many kinds and shape that you will notice. The previous ones we talk about geometrical line, this one here, albeit different, still focuses on the support metal that looks like chicken’s feet. They’re supporting but done differently, have an entire style to show.


Modern Look

While commonly pots are in the shape of round, square pot is actually pretty too. With pronounce edges, it looks modern and different in your table too.


Cube Mug

Another pretty little things that will beautify your table is this one. The shape of the planter that looks like mug is so pretty that it looks good to put flowers on it. And this one gives perfect example too with its white flower on dark pot.


Geometric Pots

While the previous one talk about geometrical lines of wire on the support, this one uses geometric as the shape of the pot. The smart thing about it is that it can be tilted but it’s still balanced. You can make your plant face different angle.


Make Your Own

If you love to go original, you can go custom. You can make your own pots. You don’t have to start from the scratch. All you need to do is paint your pot and make it different. Thus, when you look up from your work at your table, you will smile on your own art.


Fancy Hair

If you can start from the scratch, though, you will be able to have your kind of pot on your own. This one here is really all out in making custom pots with pots in the shape of face. Smart and funny thing is that the plants look like fancy hair in the Wonderland.

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