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plants on the stair side, wooden floor, rattan rug, wooden table, rattan chairs, green wall, wooden pendant Site Home Design

Plants On The Stair Side, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Table, Rattan Chairs, Green Wall, Wooden Pendant
Wooden Bookshelves, Vines From The Top, White Wall, White Door, Wooden Floor
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Stools, Wooden Swing, Wooden Floating Table With Plants Above
White Stairs, Rattan Basket, Vines On The Stairs
Green Corner With Floating Plants, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Chair, Wooden Round Side Table
Dining Room, Grey Seamless Floor, Off White Wall, Black Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Black Wooden Chairs, Plants Blocks On The Wall
Dining Room, Grey Seamless Floor, White Wall, Green Plants, Black Ceiling, White Bench, White Round Table, Modern Chairs, Black Sconce
Kitchen, Black Seamless Floor, Black Wall, Black Rail, Floating Shelves, Floating Plants, Pendants, White Cabinet, Black Island, White Kitchen Top
Pot Of Plants Along The Wall On The Stairs, Wooden Stair
Vines On The Wall And Rack, Open Brick Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Black Floor

In this eco-friendly days, putting plants seems like in one set with less, or even zero, waste life habit. And as eco-friendly also takes effect in interior design, the plants take effects too. Nowadays, many of interior of a house try to put plants inside to make it fresher and environment friendly. Let’s see how you can put your plants in the house.

Plants above the Frame
In this restaurant, there is an interesting touch that can be done in the house too. The floating table with C frame is really interesting and is doable in the house. In the neutral ambiance with natural material, the plants above the frame is a perfect and unique touch.

Black Kitchen
This dark kitchen, despite that it looks modern and strong, looks, well, dark. If you cannot stand being in a dark kitchen with modern and minimalist furniture, adding some green plants in the frame might boost the look of the kitchen perfectly well, like this one. Inserted in between the black wire, this plants add fresh touch in it.

Plants Block
In Governor Restaurant, a block of plants is planted on the wall. With the wooden long table and bench, this wall decoration is just perfect. It brings warmth and fresh look altogether.

Shade of Plants
While the plants on the previous one is blocked on the wall, plants on this one are made into shade that give more privacy and light subtlety. It is not only that it gives you the shade that you need but also a better air quality.

Fallen Vines
Another you can do in the house to get the plants benefits without making your rooms like a plants shop is by putting a pot of vines on a tall furniture and let the vine sticks to the furniture surface and create a beautiful line.

Vines Along the Wall
In this kitchen, you would see the vines that beautifully gets along the wall and wooden ladder here and makes the kitchen lots prettier. The open brick wall on which it sticks and the wooden floor are the best element to have plants on.

Vines on the Stairs
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts vines to spice things up. With vines here, this one creates a long fall of plants that prettify the stairs.

Along the Wall
If you have decided to prettify your stairs, this one also offers you a simple yet pretty idea. Putting plants along the indented part of your wall near the stairs would actually change the look.

On the Corner Wall
This one here is another plants on the wall. However, this one is without a box that holds them together. And with bigger leaves, the shadow is more dramatic.

Side of the Stairs
This one shows a stunningly beautiful side of the stairs. With plants on the wire installed on the stairs, it creates more solid wall. Well, solid and natural. With living room with natural material on the furniture, it only fits.

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