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living room with plants patterned cushy couches with round wooden table on leaves patterned rug Love Your Room

Dining Room With Green Blue Striped Cushion, Round Wooden Table With Flower Patterned Cloth, White Plants Patterned Curtain
Living Room With Plants Patterned Cushy Couches With Round Wooden Table On Leaves Patterned Rug
Bedroom With Plants Pattern Rug, Golden Embroidered Linen, Soft Colored Couch, Fireplace
Eclectic Room With Plants Patterned Wallpaper, Fireplace, Small Cabinet, Terracota Floor
Bedroom With Wooden Flooring, Makeup Glass Table Round Cushions, Black Wooden Small Cupboard, Flowery Linen
Bathroom With White Cabinet, White Toilet, White Marble Flooring, Leaves Patterned Wallpaper
Working Room With Wooden Wall And Floor, Wooden Chest For Table, Flower Patterned Couch
Dining Room With Blue Chairs, Flower Patterned Chairs On The Heads, Wooden Table
Living Room With Rattan Chair With Plants Patterned Cushion, Wooden Flooring, Black Wooden Chest For Table, Striped Couch
Dining Room With Grand Wooden Table And Chairs, Chandelier, Rug, Blue Wall, Green Plants Patterned Curtain

Interior design has been moving with trends in this year of 2018. One of the famous trends that has been going on from the beginning of the year is the trend of plant pattern on the furniture. Plant pattern has been appearing in many media and influencing many people to have plant pattern to decorate their room. Here are some examples on how plant pattern can be used beautifully in several functions.


Flowery Rug

Although many people are afraid that having patterned rug will make their room looks cluttered, if you choose the right pattern and colour, it will only bring the best effect to your room. Like this one here in the picture. The room is in soft tone and without any bold pattern seen so putting flowery rug on the floor will not make the room seems full. It actually brings joy to the room.


Flowery Bed

If you’re not brave enough to put wide flowery thing that seems permanent but you want to have something sweet and natural, you can try to have flower or plant patterned linen instead. Having it in your bed will make your bed the beautiful sole attention in your bedroom.



Red Flower Patterned

Besides bedroom, we can also apply plants pattern in another room, say dining room. Plants pattern can maintain the warmth and joy of the dining room. If you like to have people over, plants pattern will likely make the ambience merrier. One of the usages that you can try is by having plants patterned table cloth.


Plants Patterned Curtain in Green

This is another dining room that is not only brings the boldness of green and blue combination of walls and curtain but also brings the plants patterned curtain easily spot on. This beautiful colours combination and pattern have made the room exhilarated.


Little Flower Treats

For those who want to put bolder colour but only in small parts can take this picture’s examples. While having the majority of the chairs in blue, chairs in the heads of the table are covered with plants patter. It is both sweet and bold.


Plants on the Wall

Another way to use plants pattern is by putting it in your wall. It may seem the boldest action but it doesn’t have to be that way as boldness depends on the colour too. While it seems daring, when it is used in pretty bland tone room, it gives an empty look room to be more alive.


Bold Flower on the Wall

While the previous one gives you the idea on how soft coloured plants patterned wallpaper would look on the wall, this one will gives you the idea on how the bold colours will be implemented on the wall. And even bolder, in quite colourful room too.


Sitting on Plants

If you want something sweet, plants patterned furniture will definitely one of the ways to achieve it. You just need to take a look at this picture below and you know it’s true. With soft coloured plants patterned couch, this spot looks exceptionally sweet. Not to mention that the rug is also in plants patterns.


Beach Living Room

This is another use of plants patterned chair, or cushion on chair. Compared to the previous one, it’s bolder and fresher to see as it is also in beach theme.


Flower in Office

While it looks like everything should be serious in home office room, you can put something pretty to bend the stiff feeling in a home office room. And it’s as easy as putting plants pattern couch on the room.

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