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brown silhoutte effect pendant lamp Houzz

Chicago Bulls Red Metal Pendant Lamp
Brown Silhoutte Effect Pendant Lamp
Oriental Bamboo Canning Pattern Woven Cylinder Lamp
Rustic Jar Pendant Yellow Lamp
Cylinder Satin Finish Glass
Teardrop Shape Glass Yellow Lamp
White Mesmerizing Resin Lamp
Fiery Red Petal Lamp
White Cream 7 Pendant Lamp Arranged In Line
White Dome Metal With White Interior And Black Trim Hanging Lamp

Lighting is one of the most important things to determine how the room looks and how bright and luminous it will be in the night. Then, besides deciding the furniture in your house, you might want to take a look at the lamps collection to put the best finish to your rooms, and to bring the best light in the night. Here are some ideas of plug in lights fixture that you can see in terms of design.

Mesmerizing White

This one is really pretty. The resin is shaped like hundreds of flower that shaped into a ball. When the lamp is turned on, you will get the soft luminous lights illuminate your room.

Traditional Rattan Bamboo

This one is for you who love to go natural and traditional. It is in Japanese traditional style that you often see in their traditional home.

Rustic Jar

Here is the one you are looking for if you look for rustic theme for you room. With its glass jar, it looks good for patio lights too.

White Simple Dome

This one might reminds you of those old times where plug in lamps are popular in this shape.

Tears of Light

If you like to go a bit more dramatic, you can put this lamp in the shape of teardrop for your room. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. You can use it as it is or make arrangements with other lights. The finish lights will be various.

Saucer Lights

With this one, you can get the lights and the shadow at the same time and get a dramatic shade in your wall. There will be strips of lights glimmering in your room.

Subtle Light

With this lamp, you will get soft and pretty lights that shines subtly. Imagine hanging it in your dining room, and eat your dinner with your family and friends with the beautiful light.

Red Petals

If you like to have bold light, you might as well love the bold lamps shaped like rose petal in fiery red. This one will be pretty both in day and night.

Sporty Lamps

For you who have your own team to support, you will like one of these NBA team lamps. This one is in red represent the color team of Chicago Bulls.

Sequencing Lamp

This lamp is simply gorgeous. There seven small lamps arranged in line beautifully. This will look great in your living room or dining room.

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