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Pole Barn House Plans Black Windows Board And Batten Siding •clerestory Windows Covered Patio Grass Gravel Metal Roof
Pole Barn House Plans Grass Lawn Metal Roof Outdoor Lighting Red Trim Standing Seam Roof Street Big Outdoor Lightings Windows With Red Frame
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Pole Barn House Plans Arched Windows Brick Chimney Front Porch Lattice Light Green White Trim Wraparound Porch Grass
Pole Barn House Plans Frame Garages Loft Post And Beam Rustic Standing Seam Metal Roof Stone Siding Timber Frame Wood Barn
Pole Barn House Plans Barn Cabin Grass Lawn Patio Furniture Picnic Table Porch Rustic Sliding Barn Doors Stone Chimney Stone Steps Turf
Pole Barn House Plans Big House Metal Roof Red Wall Small Windows Grass Large Glass Door And Wall Porch Fireplace Outdoor Seating Trees
Pole Barn House Plans Red And White House Windows With White Frame Gable French Doors Metal Roof Grass Seat Porch Outdoor Lighting

Pole barn house allows you to have an easy and affordable way to make a house. The difference between a pole barn house and a regular house is that the building has no foundation, and it can consist of steel or aluminum panels that are supported via poles. The poles are driven into the ground under the house. Pole building also allows for a quicker construction and is often less expensive. The shell of a pole barn house can be simple. But the interior of the house can be modified in your style even with some modern features. The following are some pole barn house plans that will inspire you to make a great pole barn house.

Fresh Green Pole Barn House

If you want to have a chic pole barn house that does not look too regular barn house, this fresh green pole barn house can be your choice. It features white accents, gray roofs, and a spacious porch. This house uses the railing and crawl space coverings.

Pole Barn House Plans Using Modern Design

Raised skylight for barn house makes a great exterior design and will add more natural light to the great room. The gray metal roof gives a contemporary style into this white house.

The Screen Porch and Windows

You can have a barn pole house exterior with screened porch and raised patio. This house also has a chimney and two picnic tables for framing symmetry.

Pole Barn House Plans with Traditional Exterior

The traditional exterior gives a natural look of a pole barn house. This metal barn is also accompanied by some short stone walls. The color is suburban red that looks great with metal roof and white accents. Everything is awesome with the clerestory windows.

Rustic Pole Barn House Plans

This natural two-story pole barn house features a simple structure, garage underneath, glass doors with black frames, windows, stone facade, and siding. You can get this simple handsome form and details from this house.

A Pole Barn House with Many Windows

This pole barn house has so many windows that give you more natural lighting and unique home design. The roofline is so beautiful with the calm color. You will absolutely love the cupola and weather vane in this house.

Open Concept Pole Barn House Plans

An open concept also can be applied in a pole barn house. This pole barn house has a full glass with the textured black frame. Although it is a double story, it is light and has very simple barn like elements.

A Perfect Pole Barn House

You can make a two story structure that contains a gym, an indoor lap pool, a small kitchen and game room.

The Simplicity of The Style

This pole barn house has a nice look. It is completed with beautiful glass windows, a balcony, and metal-clad sheds behind.

Blending of Contemporary with Traditional

This interesting house has a great blend of old and new style. It features stone and metal work, some windows, the glass skylight, and the gable roof.

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