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small rectangular pool rectangular fountain contemporary sofas and table with wooden fences. jpg Caviness Landscape Design, Inc.

Rectangular Small Pool Concrete Wall With Fountains Concrete Pavers White Concrete Sofas
Above Ground Swimming Pool Natural Stone Pavers Green Bushes
Small Rectangular Pool Rectangular Fountain Contemporary Sofas And Table With Wooden Fences. Jpg
Oasis Small Pool Hot Tub Concrete Pavers Wooden Sofas Green Grass
Small Rectangular Pool Outdoor Fireplace Natural Stone Pavers Fountains
Modern Edge Pool With Blue Tiles White Tile Floors White Sofas

Nowadays it is difficult to find a home with spacious yard. Thus we always consider to choose whether we should use the yard as the flower garden or pool. Having the flower garden adds aesthetic in the yard as the colorful flowers create beautiful scenery. However if you want to have a pool instead, you should pursue your dream. Here, you can find perfect pool designs for small yards to make your pool as beautiful as flower garden.

Small Lap Swimming Pool

You need to have a lap swimming pool if swimming is your hobby. However, if you only have small backyard, you can make a small but elongated pool. if you want to relax, you can rest on the deck area and enjoy the pebbles around the pool or the trees in front of you.

Above Ground Lap Swimming Pool

You can have above ground pool for lap swimming to make your pool to look modern and stylish. Add some small plants and bushes to make your pool to be more lively.

Beautiful Lighting Built Pool

Lighting built can be installed on your outdoor pool to make a fantastic standpoint on your backyard at night. This is a minimalist idea with maximum effect as the color can be programmed. Changing the color of the water in your pool is as easy as clapping your hands.

Two in One Pool

You can have a rectangular pool with two functions. You can swim around or you can enjoy and rest in the Jacuzzi side in the upfront part. The addition of the walk way made by granite will surely make your pool to look more artistic.

Pool with Fountain

A rectangular pool can be a great idea to fill your small yard. Adding fountains to your pool gives the feeling of fresh water. You can use distinguished fountain to make it as the center of the attentionĀ in your pool.


Oasis Swimming Pool

In a crowded neighborhood, you can make a round pool to create an oasis effect in your backyard. the natural creates the timeless yet calming effect. Adding a hot tub near the pool can give you choice to swim in warm or cool water.

Yin Yang Rectangular Pool

You can get the idea of yin yang in your swimming pool area by having an outdoor fireplace. The small size of your pool can only be minor things if you add fountains and block the floor with natural stone pavers.

Contemporary Rectangular Pool

Rectangular pool can also give the idea of contemporary theme if you use the right setting. Here, the pool is made above ground and decorated by natural stone pavers to create the sense of beautiful backyard.

Modern Edge Pool

Pool in your backyard can be a good standpoint when it is not in use. You can use edge pool to create the mirror look on your swimming pool and the tiles around it will create the idea of big mirror as seen in the photo below.

Zen Backyard Pool

Having a minimalist rectangular pool can create a zen effect as well. The use of contemporary home exterior and spa design creates contemporary looks, especially when the backyard is adorned by Asian look on the fences.

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