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bathroom, tiny tiles on the wall and floor, red white yellow blue tiles, white toilet Contemporist

Dining Room, Beige Lfoor, Pop Art Wall, Wooden Dining Set, White Bottom Cabinet
Colorful Shelves, White Floor, White Wall,
Bedroom, Grey Floor, Blue Wall, Cabinet With Pop Art, Silver Pendants, Silver Kitchen Top
Patio, Wooden Platform, Yellow Chairs, Wooden Table, Yellow Red Blocks Of Background
Bedroom, White Wall, Pop Art, Color Blocks, Black Lines, White Bed Platform, Floating Cabinet
Bathroom, Tiny Tiles On The Wall And Floor, Red White Blue Tiles, Black Tub
Bathroom, Tiny Tiles On The Wall And Floor, Red White Yellow Blue Tiles, White Toilet
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Cupboard, White Bedding, Colorful Blocks Pop Art On The Wall, White Side Table, Black Table Lamp
Brown Floor, Blue Chair, Yellow Chair, Soft Colorful Wall, Wooden Low Cabinet
Kitchen, White Floor, Cabinet With Colorful Blocks Pop Art, Blue Backsplash

Adding an interesting details in the house cannot be stopped when you need something thrilling and fun. If you love to have cheerful details in the house, adding squares of colors in the house will make your house never feel boring. If you are deciding to add some color blocks, these rooms with pop art would give you some inspirations on how to do it perfectly.

Floating Cabinet
This bedroom shows an interesting use of pop arts on the wall with the entertainment cabinet. The wall in front of the bed looks fun and interesting and this view would make you feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

Colorful Accent
Similar to the previous one, this one also has fun pop art blocks on the accent wall. It is put on the back of the headboard and it will help you feel welcomed in a very cheerful way once you step into the bedroom.

Both Cabinet
Using in the kitchen, the pop art can be put on many places, like the wall, cabinet, or floor. This one here puts the pop art on the cabinet both on the upper and and the bottom one and it makes the kitchen looks so fun and interesting. And to balance the look, the baksplash is in light blue color.

Pop Bottom
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts pop art on the cabinet. However, this one puts one the bottom only. Instead of balancing the look, the wall gives stronger impression with its electric blue color.

Colorful Patio
Besides using it inside the house, colorful pop art can also be used on the patio. This one here puts a fun and energizing look on the patio with red and yellow background. And this fun pop colors are completed with fun yellow chair.

Bright Shelves
Another place where you can put colorful pop arts is in the living room. This pop shelves is so easy to be added, especially in a modern or simple living room that needs some bright things.

Fun Dining
Adding some fun accents in the dining room can be so interesting as well. This one here has one side of the wall with the cheerful pop art and lets the simple dining set gets the fun.

Soft Art
Unlike the previous ones, this seating area looks fun while also gives the oft and calm ambiance with the pale color blocks on the wall. Completed with warm chairs, this space looks warm and cheerful.

Bathroom Art
Now, it is time for bathroom. This bathroom does more than presenting a fun pop arts but also gives a beautiful details with the way it arranges the color. Tiny tiles are used to creating this pop art look.

Blocks in the Bathroom
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts color blocks on the wall and floor. And this one too creates the blocks with tiny tiles. The combination obviously looks fresh and amazing.

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