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stacked wall den glass table white arm chair wall decoration wood staircase couch rounded table standing lamp side table Garrison Hullinger

High Ceiling Leather Sectional Armchair Area Rug Wooden Floor Glass Table Wood Fireplace Telescope Green Wall Oversized Window Built In Bookcase
Pendant Light Curtain Brick Wall Red Brick Oversized Window Wood Table Metal Armchair Wall Decoration
Sloped Ceiling Attic Wooden Floor Area Rug Window Covering Wall Lamp Plant Armchair Side Table Ceiling Lamp
Exposed Beams High Ceiling Wooden Floor Wooden Bed Floating Table Area Rug Gray Wall
Recessed Lights Wooden Floor Curved Wall Curved Library Bookcase Staicase
Built In Cabinet Open Shelves Carpeted Floor Grey Armchair Freestanding Desk Glass Table Glass Door Wall Decoration
Sloped Ceiling Pendant Light Medium Tone Wood Floor Wood Table Green Chair Glass Door Stone Fireplace Built In Shelves
Stacked Wall Den Glass Table White Arm Chair Wall Decoration Wood Staircase Couch Rounded Table Standing Lamp Side Table
Open Shelves Full Lenght Mirror Freestanding Table Wooden Table Area Rug Accent Chair Brown Armchair Wooden Floor Curtain Glass Door Pendant Light
White Cabinetry Media Wall Area Rug Coffe Table Couch Glass Side Table Fireplace Ceiling Lamp

Portland has never ending ideas of desirable home designs that you may be inspired by. These ideas include the alluring interior designs in many different rooms and spots. Hence, we show you ten timeless Portland interior designs you can take as your preference.

Portland Coastal Dining Room

It is incredible design of den-like room you could find in Portland. Its wonderful stacked wood wall complete the nuance of ranch by having the wood staircase beside it. In addition, the minimalist set of glass dining table and the white armchair perfectly fit this room.

Open Concept Modern Living Room

It is an open concept of living room with expansive oversized glass window for you to look outside. It gives you luxury view with the high ceiling and large area. It is even more incredible with the leather sectional and wooden fireplace.

Transitional Home Office

What you see is the custom design of home office with freestanding wood table and accent chair. It is more interesting to have the full length mirror and two open black cabinet behind the desk. The pendant light is another exceptional beauty.

Industrial Dining Table

It is one of the most amazing industrial dining table with simple design of wood table and metal chair. However, the red brick wall alongside the pendant light, the artwork and the curtain complete the perfection it has created.

Modern Study Room

If you dream to have a cozy study room, this room will suit you the best. With the grey armchair and freestanding glass table supported by the calm white nuance, you would be able to work happily here.

Portland Library

This great idea uses the space of staircase side to be your homey library. It does not only provide you with book storage, but it also gives you adorable look from the curved wall.

Attic Portland Dining Room

If you have large area allocated for your dining room, this attic design can be your alternative choice. With the slope ceiling and stone fireplace, it will give you the rustic feeling. Yet the modern view is still provided by the application of the built-in cabinet and the pendant light.

Portland Yoga Studio

If you need some space to do yoga or self-meditation, this design will fulfill your interest. It is quite private but some fresh air will still run in this room. It is designed with the historic and exotic accent of rug, pillow and other stuffs.

Mixed Traditional Contemporary Family Room

In Portland, this family room is a combined style between traditional and contemporary design. It looks rather simple with the fireplace, couch and the cabinet but you could not miss how appealing the coffee table, media wall and the hanging lamp.

Ranch Bedroom

It is a ranch design of bedroom with exposed beams and wooden floor. The bed gives you exceptional design with floating lamp desk. In addition, the accent rug area surely makes this room more alive.

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