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kitchen, mint green cupboard, min green bottom cabinet, white island, glass pendant, patterned floor, patterned rug Pufik

Kitchen, White Cabinet, Whtie Backsplash, White Chandelier, Wooden Round Table, Blue Chairs, Hexagonal Floor Tiles
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Soft Peach Wall, Sconces, Mint Green Cabinet, White Tulip Table, White Modern Chairs
Kitchen, Green Wall Tiles, Green Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Brown Pastel Upper Cabinet, Brown White Round Floor Tiles
Kitchen, White Cabinet, Grey Backsplash, Wooden Counter Top, Island, White Modern Stools, Wooden Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Glass Pendant
Kitchen, White Backsplash, Brown Wall, Golden Pendants, Marble Tulip Table, Brown Wooden Chairs, Marble Cuts Floor Tiels
Kitchen, Green Wall, Green Bottom Cabinet, Pendant, Black White Plaid Backsplash, White Tulip Table, White Red Chairs, Geometric Floor Tiles
Kitchen, Mint Green Bottom Cabinet, White Subway Backsplash, White Sink, Green Shelves, White Wall, Black And White Floor Tiles
Kitchen, Black Wall, Pink Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Black Rug With Flowery Patterns
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Patterned Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, White Backsplash, Grey Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Mint Green Cupboard, Min Green Bottom Cabinet, White Island, Glass Pendant, Patterned Floor, Patterned Rug

Making a room interesting can be done from many angles. You can make the ceiling or wall so interesting and strong with character or you can make the floor looks cool instead. No matter the room is, it is always important to put some thoughts on details of each part. This below are interesting patterned floor in the kitchen that you will love to get some inspirations from.

Black Tug
In this kitchen, the combination of black and pink is really beautiful and the black rug with flowery patterns looks just perfect in this dark and sweet combination.

Simple and Warm
Playing with colors is essential when you want to make a point with your floor. This one here makes sure that the simple yet warm floor tiles look pretty combined with the green surrounding seen in the kitchen. It also matches the neutral and pastel upper cabinet.

Black and White
If you are thinking on creating modern styled kitchen but you want to spice things up with some patterns, geometrical tiles like this one can look just perfect. The int green color puts a cold yet great combination.

Plaid Look
Another geometric look that would look perfect and simple is plaid look. With cool mint green, the plaid pattern makes the entire room light up without making it too crowded o full.

Hexagonal Wooden Floor
This one is a combination of geometrical shape with natural material. The combination looks so charming and beautiful it makes the modern and minimalist kitchen brightened. The floor matches the counter top pretty well.

Line Pattern
The small kitchen below makes a nice setting for a small space. The white wall and backsplash brighten the room and the neutral colored cabinet matches the minimalist look perfectly. The pattern on the floor is interesting with lines all over the floor and a piece of this is installed on the backsplash as well.

Double Pattern
While it is already interesting and make a difference when putting a great pattern on the floor, it can be even more interesting when some patterns are combined together like this one here. You can do it by putting patterned rug on patterned floor to get this look.

Hexagonal and 3D
This modern and pop kitchen looks stunning with tall white cabinet and white chandelier on the ceiling. The upper part of the room is beautiful. However, the bottom part of the room looks as pretty. The blue brown setting on the dining set blends perfectly well with the geometrical floor tiles.

Cuts Look
Besides geometrical, marble cut like this one can make a really nice character too. The cuts look exceptional and it makes a the room looks fun and cheerful. The neutral colored cuts make a nice companion with the mint green color on the cabinet and white wall.

White Rug
Similar to the first one, this one also puts a beautiful rug to make some character to the floor. The white rug with flowery patterns stands out beautifully here.

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