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kitchen, beige floor, green tiles island, wooden kitchen top, orange striped with green leave wallpaper, island with wooden top, black stool Design Sponge

Kitchen, Yellow Wall, Patterned Backsplash, Green Bottom Cabinet, White Floor, Grey Marble Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Copper Cabinet, Green Patterned Wall, Black Lamp
Kitchen, Orange Wall, Orange Patterned Backsplash, Wooden Kitchen Top, White Apron Sink, Grey Cabinet, Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Patterned Kitchen Isand, White Plaid Backsplash, Arch Window, Stained Glass Window, Rattan Pendants, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Beige Floor, Green Tiles Island, Wooden Kitchen Top, Orange Striped With Green Leave Wallpaper, Island With Wooden Top, Black Stool
Kitchen, Blue Bottom Cabinet, White Marble Top, Patterned Floor Tiles, Blue Wooden Island, Grey Marble Top, White Wall, White Ceiling, Pendant, White Subway Wall Tiles
Blue Patterned Wall, Steel Floating Shelves, Grey Marble Top, Grey Cabinet
Kitchen, Blue Patterned Floor Tiles, White Cabinet, Patterned Backsplash, Red White Plaid Statement Ceiling, White Wall
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Geometrical Wall Tiles, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Top, White Island Top, Brown Leather Stools
Kitchen, White Square Backsplash, White Wall, White Bottom And Upper Cabinet, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Apron Sink, White Marble Top

For a family, a kitchen is a place where everybody meets. It is a place where all kinds of activity from eating, creating food, and socializing takes place. One might want a kitchen with an open concept, bright vibe, modern or minimalist, or even a cheerful space. This one here would give you some inspirations in creating a bright and cheerful kitchen where you can create a bright space.

Cheerful Wallpaper
One of the easiest ways to make a cheerful place is by installing bright wallpaper in the room. The pattern on the wall will make the room feels lively and vibrant, like this one here. The open space invites warmth that makes the room feels friendly. Not only on the wall, this one here also combines a different pattern seen on the kitchen vanity too.

Warm Look
If you love warm look, you can combine warm color on the wall with some patterned backsplash. This one here uses the same colors in painting the wall and on the patterned tiles. This choice of color complement the wooden floating shelves and the kitchen top.

Patterned wood
Another thing to add pattern is by choosing the patterned created from wood material. This one here looks so pretty with its natural material arranged to show geometrical pattern.

Geometrical Pattern
If you love modern look and you want to add pattern, geometrical look is one of the safest patterns you can add to your kitchen. It allows you to have the new vibe with some interesting touch. This one here adds geometrical patterns on the wall while leaving the cabinet and island in black and white.

Floor Pattern
Another thing you can do in creating an interesting and playful look with patterns is installing patterns on the floor, like this one. This one here goes with white cabinet, backsplash, wall and floating shelves and making the space quite spacious while adding patterns on the wall to make it more interesting.

Extraordinary Pattern
For those who love patterns, adding patterns in the room might be something that they will do eventually. This one here adds more than one pattern in the room starts from the ceiling, floor, and the backsplash. It is not only the patterns there but the cabinet has its own details that leave some pattern.

Bright Pattern
For those who love vibrant and merry vibe, bright colors on patterned wall or floor is probably the best thing can happen in the kitchen. This one here has a neutral look for the cabinet, top, and floating shelves. But the vibrant blue patterned wall looks so endearing.

Subtle Pattern
A subtle pattern can look so endearing too when it is used beautifully like this one. Combined with coppery cabinet that goes well with wooden floor, the patterned looks smooth.

Patterns and Colors
If you love colors, you can also add pattern to make the room even more interesting, like this one here. Combining green and yellow, the middle of the wall is decorated by patterned backsplash.

Spacious Kitchen
On a spacious kitchen, pattern is really safe to be added. It will only make the room feel warmer and friendlier.

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