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kids bedroom, wooden herringbone floor, carriage bed patform with round globe shape, windows and curtain on the carriage, white low chair My Baby Doo

Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Flower Rug With Table, White Table With Colorful Chairs, White Blue Striped Castle Bed With Shelves
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Round Tufted Bed Platform, Pink Bedding, White Cabinet, White Table, Floor Lamp, Pendants, Rug
Kids Bedroom, White Floor, White Chairs, White Wall, White Cabinet, Grey Round Table, Sconces, White Duck Crib
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, Blue Ceiling, Tower Bed With Stairs And Bridge
Kids Bedroom, White Floor, Pink Wall With White Cloud, White Round Bed With Air Balloon
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Carriage Bed Patform With Round Globe Shape, Windows And Curtain On The Carriage, White Low Chair
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Pink Curtain, White Curtain, Round Bed Platform With Stairs And Slide, Round Round Floor
Bedroom, White Floor, White Bed Platform With Pink Carriage Frame, Pink Wall, White Curtain, Purple Rug
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Beige Wall, White Curtain, White Pendant, Brown Crib In Carriage Shape With White Curtain
Kids Bedroom, Pink Wall, Pink Floor, Pink Rabbit Headboard, White Side Table With Rattan Basket, Chandelier, Dolphin Accessories, Hore Toy

Girls love to be a princess. Getting what they love and let them play as much as they want in their imaginary castle would give them know that parents support their needs and imagination. It also makes them free with their imagination, something that all parents need to do. And here below are ten stunningly beautiful bedroom for little princess that you will love too.

Carriage Platform
One of the easiest way to support their imagination is by choosing the right bed platform. This one here takes shape of a carriage with beautiful curves and curtain that will ensure the girl that they are safe in their journey to the dreamland.

Carriage Crib
Similar to the previous one, this one here also takes the shape of a carriage with its curve and curtain, and also the round wheel. However, while the previous one is a bed platform, this one here is a crib for a baby. Completed with white curtain and bow on top, this crib is so sweet and pretty.

Round Tufted Platform
This one here not only shows a great bed for a princess but also a great design too. With its round tufted platform, the bed looks luxurious and elegant. And the pink bedding is just so perfect. Completed with lighting fixtures with white material cover, the room looks sweet and pretty.

Circular Carriage
This one here also shows an interesting shape of circular carriage that makes it even more interesting. With windows and curtains on the carriage, it will make the bedtime even more fun. The stairs also makes it a real carriage in their imagination, not to mention the place for the coachman to sit.

White Goose
For a princess who love to ride a beautiful goose in the water and in the air, this crib is perfect. It is so beautiful with all the detailed texture and color.

Pink Rabbit
This one here is for a princess who is like Alice in the wonderland, they would love to have the rabbit headboard like this one especially if you also put some hanging accessories on the chandelier or pendant and some other animal related accessories.

Royal Balloon
This one is for a princess who love to travel with the royal air balloon. Designed elegantly with some golden lines on the balloon and the round godola bed, this air balloon will fly the girls’ imagination to everywhere they want.

Blue Striped Castle
If you want to give not only a bed to sleep but also a platform to play, this castle bed will probably what you need. With castle like this, you will be able to create the bed space beneath the play space.

Tower Bed
Another bed that will make your girls fall in love is this one. Designed with the shape of a tower, this one is also completed with stairs and bridge that looks classic.

Grand Castle
This one here is for a princess who love a grand and luxurious castle. Completed not only with the shape of a castle but also a place for role playing, stairs, and slide, it is not only a bed space but also a play space.

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