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living room, wooden floor, light purple wall, pink chairs, pink sofa, glass coffee table, chandelier, purple rug https://hoomdesign.com/2019/03/03/48-stunning-purple-living-room-decor-ideas/ Hoom Design

Living Room, Purple Wall, Rug Floor, Marble Fireplace, Pink Sofa, Round Coffee Table, White Chair
Living Room, Purple Wall, Blue Velvet Sofa, Coffee Table, Wooden Rack, Wooden Side Table
Living Room, White Floor Tiles, Purple Wall, Purple Floating Sheles, Wooden Sofa With Purple Patterned Cushion, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Nesting Side Table, Patterned Pendants,
Living Room, White Marble Floor, Light Purple Wall, Light Purple Velvet Sofa, Light Blue Chairs, Glass Coffee Table, White Cabinet, Purple Curtain
Living Room, White Floor Tiles, White Rug, Purple Wall, White Sofa, Wihte Chair,
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Light Purple Wall, Pink Chairs, Pink Sofa, Glass Coffee Table, Chandelier, Purple Rug
Living Room, Seamless Grey Floor, Glass Wall, Purple Sofa, Coffee Table
Living Room, Blue Wall, Brown Floor, Purple Sofa, Patterned Pillows, Pink Chair, Yellow Ottoman
Living Room, Light Purple Floor, Purple Rug, White Coffe Table, Purple Sofa, Pink Chair, Purple Wall, Mirror
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Purple Wall, White Tray Coffee Table, Grey Sofa, White Wall

Just like dining room, living room is also an important part of the house especially in the holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas, you would probably want to gather and open the gifts in the living room to make all the moment feel merrier. While pink can be sweet and blue can be refreshing, the blending of both makes an interesting look in the living room. Purple is a color that can give elegance and the feeling of pure and wisdom at the same time. Using purple in the living room will make it unique and merry. Here below are some inspirations to create a nice purple living room.

Purple Wall
The easiest thing to make a nice purple room is by painting the wall in purple. This will make the room look strong even before the furniture comes in. This one puts neutral grey sofa and off white tray table to the room and make an easy combination.

Colorful on Purple
This living room has a fun and cheerful look. The plain purple wall has brought in a sweet background and the wooden furniture makes neutral combination. The patterns on the pendants, cushion, pillows and curtain make the living room look more lively.

Sweet and Elegant
This living room puts a sweet look with light purple on the white and combines it with pretty white accent on the ceiling along with the chandelier. The floor is also on white and white combination with white sofa, chair and rug.

Vibrant Purple
The best thing about purple is that it can look pretty both in soft or strong hue. This one puts a vibrant purple sofa among colorful and lively background. The colorful paintings and the dark blue wall is perfect for the setting.

Shocking Touch
This light and soft living room makes an interesting setting with light purple wall and sofa that makes the room looks comfortable. The glass window and the shocking pink chair brightens the room and makes it more interesting.

Purple Details
This grand living room looks so amazing with the glass window enlightening the room so bright it makes the seamless grey floor and the white floor and table looks similar and blends well. The dark purple corner sofa puts strong and pretty details on this bright room.

Elegantly Sweet
Putting light purple together with light blue will create a sweet and nice room. This one here shows an excellent example. The light purple wall, curtain and velvet sofa makes a sweet ambiance while the light blue chairs easily complete the look.

Pretty Purple
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts a sweet look by combining light colors. This one here, though, makes even subtler combination by using light purple and pink that look really similar. Among this luxurious combination, golden accent is seen in the mirror, table and chandelier and make a nice touch.

living room, wooden floor, light purple wall, pink chairs, pink sofa, glass coffee table, chandelier, purple rug

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Blue Purple
This is another blue and purple combination with lighter look. This time, the wall is purple and the sofa is in blue. This combination is pretty nonetheless.

Warm Purple
With fireplace, any living room can look warm and traditional, just like this one. The purple wall and sofa makes the warm look a bit sweeter and different.

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