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modern roman purple shades soft grey loveseat ottoman flowers vase grey floor purple cushion Houzz

Modern Living Room Purple Velvet Curtains White Sofa White Round Table Flower Vase Round Mirror Wooden Table Rug Cushions White Flor White Window White Curtains
Modern Purple Curtains Purple Bricks Wall Classic Mirrors Broken White Sofa Purple Cushion Vase Flowers Purple Rug Cream Floor Glass Table Classic Drawer
Purple Motif Curtains Home Theater Black Chairs Brown Carpet Strips Cushions Black Curtains Lamps
Purple Velvet Curtains White Windows Brown Vase Silver Vase Flowers Wooden Floor Dusty Grey Chair Purple Cushion
Shabby Chic Style Bathroom Purple Velvet Curtains White Bath Tub Purple Soft Purple Chair White Basin White Windows White Floor Purple Motif Wall Paper Mirror
Modern Roman Purple Shades Soft Grey Loveseat Ottoman Flowers Vase Grey Floor Purple Cushion
Transitional Home Office Purple Curtains White Windows Wooden Chairs Motif Cushion Motif Rug Grey Wall Brown Table Wooden Floor
Contemporary Living Room Purple Velvet Curtains Purple Sofa White Window Furry White Rug
Contemporary Bedroom Purple Velvet Curtains White Doors White Bedcoren Purple Sheet Grey Wall White Eindows White Lamps Glass Vase White Flowers Grey Drawer Photos
Victorian Purple Velvet Curtains White Classic Chair White Windows Cream Wall Classic Wall Frame Wooden Floor

For interior design the used of curtain in a house is very valuable. It can support a lot the aesthetic value of home decoration. Moreover, curtains also have high value in the function in which it covers private parts of a house. The owner of a house can make a room gets the privacy. Well, for you who fond of purple color, these designs of purple velvet curtains may be helpful to give decoration idea to your home.

1. Purple Velvet Curtains at White Window and Wooden Floor

Purple velvet curtains will be very beautiful to be put on white windows and combined with white chair or other white furniture. It is also nice to be placed in a room with wooden floor.

2. Purple Velvet Curtains in Victorian Décor Theme

Velvet curtains in the color of purple will create classic Victorian design when you combine them with classic mirrors and classic drawer. It is so nice to be placed in a room which also have purple hint such as the wall, rug, and cushions. Broken white furniture also encourages the Victorian theme of a room.

3. Purple Velvet Curtains Combined with Grey Furniture and Floor

It is very elegant to have purple velvet curtains combined with all grey elements such as grey furniture, grey floor and grey wall.

4. Purple Velvet Curtains in Modern White Living Room

You can place purple velvet curtains in your modern living room with white color hint and you can have a little touch of some colorful cushions.

5. Purple Velvet Curtains for Home Theater

For you who have home theater, this design of home theater with purple velvet curtains may match your taste of interior design.

6. Purple Velvet Curtains in Minimalist Home Design

You can find it great to have this minimalist design of room with purple velvet curtains. The use of minimalist curtain combined with comfortable sofa and other minimalist furniture will create good ambiance in your room.

7. Purple Velvet Curtains for Home Office

This idea is very nice. You can just place purple velvet curtains for your home office and it looks so creative for supporting good environment in your home working time.

8. Purple Velvet Curtains for Bedroom Window

If you have huge white window in your bedroom, it is cute to have purple velvet curtains with grey couch and purple cushion.

9. Purple Velvet Curtains to Create Calming Bedroom

Purple Velvet Curtains idea in your bedroom will create calming circumstance. The use of purple curtains at the windows and at the doors arise comfort and calmness.

10. Purple Velvet Curtains for Bathroom

Does it look so nice? I say yes because the purple velvet curtains will also do for bathroom to create privacy and nice interior design.

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