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Complete Your Bedroom Need with These Awesome Queen Size Bunk Beds

The queen size bunk beds have become so popular. A queen size bed offers a few inches more than a usual size. It is more comfortable for two people. The bunk beds can have a queen size and smaller size above it. It is suitable for the guest of a family group, the child can sleep in the top bed, and the parents can be in the down bed. You can also find the all the bunk beds are in the queen size. You can add curtains, light fixture, or built-in shelves in the bunk beds to make more enjoyable space. The following are queen size bunk beds that will inspire you to have good and efficient bedroom furniture.

Bunk Beds for the Loft Room

This unique layout of the queen size bunk beds can be a good choice for your wide space. There are built in shelves, industrial light fixtures, double ladders, and windows with shades that complete this bedroom.

queen size bunk beds white beach style bedroom ladders black wood railing wood flooring windows with shutters fan shelves
Beach Dwellings

White Bunk Beds for The Clean Lines

Pop orange accents appear in the white queen size bunk beds. The Offi Douplane DVD shelf also can keep other small things. The bunk beds can be more appealing quarters for the adult guests.

queen size bunk beds offi douplane dvd shelf grey rug ladder square window with shade white bedding orange curtain
Vinci | Hamp Architects, Inc.

Queen Mattress on the Bottom

You can utilize the length and unique shape of the room by building a double twin bunk beds with queen size bed on the bottom. The stairs also have some additional storages.

queen size bunk beds circle wall sconces industrial lighting built in stairs with storages wall decorations carpets a bench colorful stripe bed sheets
Cara McBroom

Nice Light Fixtures for Bunk Beds Room

The Perzel light fixtures will lighten this bunk room. This room is full of the bunk beds for the guests. The blue and green color scheme reduces the simplicity of the bunk beds.

queen size bunk beds perzel light fixtures windows with shutters triple bunk beds blue white and green bed sheets storage
Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

Nautical Bunk Beds with Queen Size Beds on the Bottom

This basement bunk room is suitable for the children or the grand kids. There are 2 queen beds below and double beds above. The Bedroom look enjoyable with the fun nautical theme.

queen size bunk beds blue coastal style bedroom blue comfy couch square patterned rug drawers table lamp small circle windows storage under the bed
Flagg Coastal Homes

Nice Bunk Beds Design

This bunk beds design can open up the room visually. The white and pink color scheme is so lovable for girls. The circle window will let the sunlight comes into the bedroom.

queen size bunk beds purple patterned bed sheets and pillow covers white bunk beds wood flooring large circle window recessed lighting
Emi Interior Design

A Gorgeous Use of Space

This bedroom is full of wood with the queen size bunk beds, striped bedding, white curtain, small windows, lighting, and built-in shelves. The bedroom has a vaulted ceiling that makes this room looks more spacious.

queen size bunk beds lodge bedroom natural wood bunk beds black and white stripe bed sheets and pillow cover whitebed curtain with green tassels built in wood ladder
Kawartha Lakes Construction

Bunk Beds with Built-In Shelves and Drawers

This bedroom has queen size bunk beds with wood on top for privacy and small windows. There are built-in shelves and drawers.

queen size bunk beds privacy wood on the top small fluffy rug blue bed sheets small bench built in ladder wall decoration built in shelves windows
Space Architect+ Planners

An Elegant Bedroom with Beautiful Light Fixture

This bedroom features the built-in bunk beds, console table with solid metal and wooden top, and a sofa. The Capiz flower pendant and the purple bedding lighten the room.

queen size bunk beds capiz flower pendant console table with solid metal and wooden top artificial purple flower dark grey wallpapers
Kraig Kalashian

A Colorful Girls Bedroom with Bunk Beds

You will love the queen size in the bottom and how the ladder wraps around. The white bunk beds look simple and innovative. You can use sweet wallpaper and the sheets to beautify this bedroom.

queen size bunk beds beautiful wallpaper heart shaped mirror small side table with a drawer unique table lamp pink and white bed
LLI Design