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lattice house skirt with decorative motifs for their air ventilators white patio furniture set railing system with high artistic patterns on top and base Carpentry With Integrity

White Painted Walnut Skirt Idea With Dark Wood Accent White And Dark Wood Railing System For Pool
Lattice House Skirting In Huge Traditional House
Yellow Farmhouse Exterior With White Framed Windows White Rocking Chairs Exterior Stone Pillars Stone Skirting
Contemporary Exterior Design With White Siding Walls Glass Exterior Windows White Railing System White Exterior Stairs And Wood Deck Skirting Without Finishing
Traditional Exterior With Dark Grey Skirting Made Of Wood Exterior Glass Windows
Farmhouse Exterior Idea With White Wood Skirting Stainless Steel Cable Railings & White Rail Posts White Exterior Stairs Hardwood Entrance Door And Exterior Glass Windows
Square Vinyl Lattice Skirting In White White Cedar Railing System And Exterior Stairs
Mix Farmhouse Victorian Exterior Idea With White Wood Skirting White Railing System And Stairs
Lumber Deck With Wooden Deck Skirt And Black Stained Aluminum Deck Rails Red Walls For Exterior
Bold Grey Skirting With Diamond Shape Holes As The Ornaments In Small Classic Patio

Without landscaping or skirting our house, we’ll see the exposed dirt, joists, and piers. The best solution for overcoming and hiding those irritating things is to install the raised house skirting. House skirting is commonly found in mobile houses and it is installed in the whole parts of house’s base structure, stretching from the base to the ground. The house skirting installation is not only making the house much more pleasing and interesting look, but it also inserted by purpose like hiding the dirt, preventing small but dangerous animals to get in the house, and keeping the house warm in Winter by preventing the leaks probably happen under the floors. Well, here we have a lot of idea of raised house skirting which may attract you whose a plan of installing the house skirting. These ideas come in any different models, styles, and materials. Let’s check them out and may be some of them are matched to your house.

White-Painted Wood Skirting for Traditional Front Porch

This skirting idea is medium in height and built from wooden. White finishing is chosen to make it balanced and harmonious with exterior front porch. The skirting is also designed in vertical-column shaped like lattice to create the illusion of higher appearance. If you love a traditional front porch, this skirting idea may be best choice for you.

Dark Grey House Skirting Idea

This idea looks so good for a traditional exterior with siding walls. The house skirting is the arrangements of wood siding. Dark grey finishing applied on this house skirting is simple but gives huge elegance for the exterior house.

White House Skirting Made of Vertical Wood Slabs

A rural look obviously appears here. The farmhouse exterior and skirting are built in similar design, color scheme, and material. The house skirting is fully covered the whole areas under the house base, adding perfect house exterior.

Decorative House Skirting without Enclosure

red farmhouse exterior with white framed exterior windows white exterior railing and stairs decorative white skirting

Burnham Van Cleave

By exposing the inner area of house’s base, this building looks higher. Such house skirting is commonly completed with decorative skirting windows. The space under the porch, in addition, can be used for storing gardening utilities or just is kept as a vacant area.

Stone Skirting Idea

Stone skirting becomes another alternative for you who have a plan to add the firm and solid house skirting. The similar material is also used for building the exterior pillars. Such stone skirting obviously brings natural and original look among the other exterior elements.

Contemporary White Cedar House Skirting

A contemporary exterior idea with screened-porch and white cedar skirting. The skirting is designed in simple model and perfectly covers the whole parts of the house’s base. The skirting is originally made from best white cedars and they are vertically installed slab by slab, resulting well-ordered installations.

House Skirting Idea Supported with Aluminum Garage Door

There are huge options of raised house skirting and few of them are equipped by panels/ doors/ enclosures. This skirting has aluminum garage door as the skirting’s enclosure. With these enclosures, the exterior house is not only aesthetic but it’s also safe for keeping gardening tools or other similar utilities if we’re going to use the space as the additional storage solution.

White-Painted Skirting Made of Vertical Wooden Slabs

This is another sample of white wood skirting. This kind of skirting is being installed in a mix farmhouse-victoria style house. White is selected as the primary scheme of house exterior because white easily gives an elegance and luxury, the typical sensation when we’re valuing a victoria-style building.

Horizontal Deck Skirting Idea

Horizontal deck skirting becomes another best alternative for garnishing and improving your deck and front yard. Amazingly, a few of them is specifically designed in custom and can be a double-functions skirting: as a merely deck skirting and an under storage.

Clean White Skirting in Horizontal Installation

Clean and simple, two words to describe this house skirting. Actually, such model of house skirting becomes the most favorite one because it’s flexible to be installed in any exterior designs, starting from traditional to contemporary-style exterior design. Friendly budget is another reason why many homeowners prefer this skirting model to others.

Wood Deck Skirting Without Finishing

Deck skirting without finishing gives special and different look, particularly for the house exterior. As what we see, the exterior is obviously dominated by white and little bit dark blue as the accent. Exposing the original wood color applied on the deck skirting probably wants to emphasize the natural material among the industrial exterior elements.

Stone Skirting Idea

Hard and dark-toned stone is closely related to rustic, but here we’ll find it in farmhouse. The house skirting gives the different texture but similar color tone to the exterior and porch. This, then, becomes the uniqueness and point plus which is rarely discovered in other similar-model living spaces.

Low White-Painted House Skirting Idea

If you dislike higher house skirting model, there are some options of height level offered by skirting producers. Low-in-height skirting can be your best choice for lower home base. Just paint it in white to create clean and simple appearance.

Raised Wood Skirting for Elevated Side Deck

It’s a must to support an elevated side-deck with strong and solid deck skirting. Wood deck skirting varies in model and vertical wood skirting seems to be stronger than the other wood skirting models to support such deck. That’s why most deck owner prefer vertical wood skirting than the other models like lattice, horizontal wood skirting, and many more.

House Skirting Made of Cedar-White Pine Combination

modern deck with cedar white pine skirting cedar rails idea grey brick walls glass exterior windows

Patio Dec Kart

Cedar is one of best wood types usually used for building. It’s strong and firm but affordable, so it can be best alternative for you who want to rebuild or even build a new deck with this cheap material. For deck skirting, for instance, cedar is very well recommended because it’s long last and easy to maintain, so you can save your money to other needs. In this picture, the owner doesn’t cover his deck skirting with any finishing, and the result is marvelous. The skirting keeps so stunning.

White Cedar Skirting for Low Level Deck

Different to previous wood deck skirting ideas, this one is bigger for each cedar slab used for building the skirting. It looks so simple but gives ultimate luxury, especially for this low level deck. Black wrought iron railings featured with white cedar rail posts become the special accent as well as functional component in the deck.

White Lattice Skirting Idea

White lattice skirting idea – one of most common skirting ideas which is applied on traditional front porch or deck. The homeowner selects white for the lattice by purpose: suiting the color with the main color theme of porch.

White Wood Skirting with Vertical Installation

If you’re looking for the simple and clean-look house skirting, white wood skirting with white finishing probably becomes the best choice for you. With vertical installation, the skirting will seem to be much more well-ordered and nice to see from outside. It can also be an accent which is able to give the special beauty for porch.

Wood-Colored Lattice Skirting Idea for Low Level Deck

Lattice skirting finished by wood color becomes another alternative for you who loving simple and natural porch or deck. The skirting lets you to own interesting front appearance in the porch/ deck, moreover if it features other wood-colored deck/ porch elements like wood railings and exterior stairs.

Asymmetric Lattice for Cottage

This is another idea of lattice house skirting if you still get the interest at the lattice product. Compared to previous lattice design idea, this one looks different, especially in shape or model. An asymmetric lattice, for instance, probably gives the special attractiveness and becomes the most matched skirting for asymmetric house base. So, it will be most recommended one for non-symmetric house base owners.

Peach Screened Porch Skirting Idea Accented by White Vertical Lines

Peach and white looks sweet and marvelous when both are being collaborated. This collaboration is well practiced for the cottage’s skirting. White line ornaments bring the peach-based house skirt seems so smooth and attractive. When it applies on cottage exterior, it produces a fresh cottage with modern touch. Modern touch here is represented by peach color which is included as one of pop color schemes.

Hardwood Deck Skirt with Clear Finishing

This skirting idea displays simple wood house skirting which is made of best quality wood material and has been finished by clear finishing to minimize harmful termites and other potential destructive causes. With clear finishing, all wood skirting will be protected from fading, staining, and chipping.

Redwood Deck Skirt Idea Collaborated with Elegant Black Aluminum Rails

redwood deck with redwood deck skirt and black aluminum railing system grey siding exterior idea for cottage

The Deck And Patio Experts

Redwood with grain featuring black aluminum rails are the main components used in this low level deck. Redwood is also used in deck skirt, resulting the similar look to the deck. Each spot of deck base is covered by different levels of skirt, suiting the deck’s levels which are also different. This collaboration, of course, is so recommended for you whose huge interest in all-wooden-deck construction.

Solid Wood Skirting for Multi-Levels PVC Deck

How to create an elegant rustic deck in simple way? It’s not easy but also not really hard. We just need to remodel our old deck by adding several rustic components there. Solid wood with dark wood finishing, for instance, may be applied for enhancing a warm and elegant rustic deck. Like the idea above, the homeowner completes the multi-levels deck with solid and dark wood deck skirt. The patio furniture package that’s placed facing the skirt looks so supporting how the rustic naturally appears by itself.

Composite Deck Skirting in White

The composite deck skirting in white – this is another reference of house & deck skirt idea special for the homeowner whose preference of white clean exterior. Soft grey deck floors and stair cases add another color tone that beautifies the exterior appearance. A couple of decorative pumpkins also give different attractiveness for the house exterior.

Vertical Wood Skirting with White-Painted Top and Base Ornaments

This displays a simple deck skirting with white-painted top and base ornaments. Both skirt and ornaments are built from best wooden but covered by different finishing. The deck skirting is intentionally finished similarly with the deck, but the ornaments are sealed with clean white finishing. This creates a sharp contrast, but balanced for one to another.

Wood Skirting Idea for Modern Patio

A modern patio with wood skirting, stainless steel cable railing system, and exterior stairs – this patio package is garnished by vivid tendril plants, adding natural and fresh ornaments for the patio itself.

Square-Shaped Wood Skirting for Rustic Patio

Make matched your house skirting with your exterior design. Textured and square-shaped house skirting, in this picture, has been designed in similar look to the exterior walls. All wood materials are consciously applied in shabby & cool appearance, successfully creating rustic look.

Lattice Skirting for High-Level & Modern Deck

Take a look at the deck skirt; the skirt’s white concrete posts line up with the railing’s white concrete posts. Such model shows that the designer wants to make us notice that both posts are constructed from similar material, color tone, and model. The lattice, in addition, is most reasonable to be applied because it becomes the most available for such high-leveled deck.

Bold Grey Skirting for Classic Patio

All house exterior is in bold grey, including the house skirt. Uniquely, the skirt has the diamond-shape holes as the ornaments. These ornaments also have crucial function: as the air ventilator in which the air can in and out from this holes, so the house’s vault won’t be moist.

Lattice with Firm & Strong Concrete Posts for Plenty Floor-Leveled House

The house base must be firm and strong to support such plenty-floors house. So does the house skirting; it must be built from solid and long last lattice. The concrete skirt posts are also inserted to make the house base stronger in making the house consistently steady.

Grey Deck Skirt Idea for Grey Patio-Deck Building

deck skirt in deep grey for patio within deck grey shading for patio grey railings for deck grey lattice patio divider mid size outdoor pool

Patio Deck Art

It’s so attractive! White exterior is collaborated with grey patio-deck and other supporting elements. Just notice at the deck skirting, it’s simple but matched with deck & patio which all are in grey. This idea is surely inspiring for the homeowners who like monochromatic exterior.

Hardwood Deck Skirt for Back Deck-Patio

Hardwood skirting is another option of best skirting idea for your deck and patio. Its genuine color gives an extreme contrast to your modern patio furniture. In this picture, for instance, it’s smart how the designer beautifully combines a set of modern exterior furniture and wooden-made deck and patio.

Vertical Wood House Skirting Model

Still about the wood-made house skirting – it’s true that vertical wood house skirting is one of most favorite skirting ideas which is selected and installed on any home designs, including the rustic-style homes. With original wooden color tone, the skirting becomes most matched choice for a rustic deck and patio.

Cedar Lattice House Skirt in Square Shape

Cedar lattice skirting idea with square-shaped air ventilators – this is a model of house skirt that effectively helps the house base keeps dry and clean because there are plenty of square-shaped air ventilator inserted on skirt.

Stone-Front House Skirt for Rustic Cabin’s Patio and Screened Porch

Stones here play crucial role in creating desired and peculiar character of patio and porch. With random cuts and shapes, the stones then are installed as the natural-look house skirting. This idea of house skirting, of course, really fits for a rustic cabin exterior, especially for porch and patio.

Low-Maintenance Deck Skirting in Grey

If you want to have deck and its skirt with easy maintenance, just install the low-maintenance deck skirting like the picture above. The skirting is painted in two different tones of colors: light and deep grey, in which these colors are able to give a contrast in similar root of color. And you know, this skirting idea is made from cheap fiber material.

Craftsman House Skirting in White

Craftsman house skirting in white offers the clean and artistic look for the exterior. This one becomes the interesting choice if you want to make your exterior house much more attractive and higher in aesthetic value. The craftsman house skirting products actually fit for country-style houses, but they will be a unique and ‘different’ exterior component if they are installed on other styles of houses/ living spaces.

Low-Level Lattice House Skirt Idea with Dark Green Frames

Low-level lattice house skirt looks so beautiful and aesthetically garnishes the whole parts of house exterior. Dark green frames attached on each edges of skirting are correctly installed to fit the house’s railing system and windows’ frames, presenting a perfect package of house exterior decoration idea. You may adopt this idea if you want to own a freshly green house exterior.

Simple White House Skirt for Remodel Victorian-Style House

Simple white house skirt – it extremely fits for such house exterior where the owner has remodeled the house into mix modern-Victorian style house exterior. The skirt becomes the most recognized spot when we compare it to other exterior elements, particularly the pillars and windows.

Wooden House Skirt with High Artistic Patterns

Decorative air ventilators inserted on this wooden house skirting add special beauty and value. Such skirting will be nicer if it is collaborated with another decorative exterior element like these house railings. Both successfully transform a common house exterior into much more attractive one.

Composite House Skirting; Low-Maintenance and Cheap One

If you are looking for a cheap and low-maintenance deck skirt, this idea may be your best choice. Composite deck collaborated with composite deck skirt is a great choice as both fit each other. White color addition requires to add, creating a standing-out performance.

High Level Deck Skirt in Dark Wood Color Tone

High-level deck skirt is a must to install on higher or multi-level deck construction. Besides it balances and strongly supports the deck, such deck skirt aesthetically beautify the deck and its supporting elements like deck railing system and stairs. It’s free to make this combination in similar tone of color like on the picture above. But, if you want to collaborate one color with other colors, make sure that the chosen colors are matched each other.

Half-Enclosure Lattice House Skirt Made of White Cedar

White cedar is naturally beautiful and soft in look. This kind of wood is often used for building the parts of house or other kinds of living spaces which are intentionally showed off for public like house exterior, especially the house railing and deck. But here, the white cedar is also selected and installed as the stylish lattice deck skirt which in a half way of installation. This means, the skirt just covers the house’s base in half way, not fully covers the base.

White Vinyl Skirt Idea

white painted walnut skirt idea with dark wood accent white and dark wood railing system for pool

Ameri Crew

Both deck and its skirt are contrast in color. The designer uses white and dark wood as the primary colors, giving a contrast look. White vinyl applied on deck skirt and top-bottom deck rails successfully stand out the deck. The color collaboration adds stylish and modern look in this traditional free-deck-pool.

Grey-Finished Skirt Idea for Traditional Porch

A contrast look may still be favorite choice for most people nowadays. Whatever the house style you choose, it works and keeps making the result really fantastic. This traditional porch, for instance, is supported by higher skirt and white cedar railing system & stairs. The designer selects soft grey and natural color of white cedar as the main colors that garnish the porch. Grey is used to cover the porch’s base like floors, staircases, and skirt, whereas white cedar obviously only covers the porch’s rails and their pillars.

Wood Lattice Skirt for Traditional Deck with Outdoor Pool

traditional deck with outdoor pool wood lattice deck skirt and rails

Elyria Home Contractor

This traditional deck and outdoor pool is dominated by clear-finishing wood materials, offering natural and genuine look. The deck is built in multi-level model and the lower one is extended to the house’s back. Lower and upper decks have been installed different kind of deck skirt: wood lattice skirt for the upper and vertical wood boards for the lower one. These make the deck unique to see.

Dark Wood-Finished Skirt Idea for Traditional Deck

Dark wood-finished deck and its skirt present a beautiful contrast to this house exterior which is dominantly white. A set of exterior furniture adds another cozy spot where family we love are gathering and enjoying tasty tea & snacks.

Wood Skirting that Completes the Lumber Deck and Black-Stained Aluminum Deck Rails

Hard and soft have been collaborated in one. Lumber deck and wood deck, here, soften the hard and black-stained aluminum deck rails, giving a fantastic look for deck.

Vinyl Lattice Skirting Idea in White

This kind of lattice skirting idea is little different to other common lattice skirting products. It is designed by featuring white square-shaped air ventilators, creating stylish and attractive appearance. It looks so much contrasting after being collaborated with white cedar deck floors, railings, and exterior stairs.

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