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Traditional exterior home with roofs and large den stone walls white painted wooden deck wall white rocking chairs glass door and windows Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Tuscan Two Story Exterior Home White Base With Creamy Trim A Cornice Molding Hipped Roof With Projecting Wings Cream Exterior Wall Paint
Elegant Gray Two Story Wood Exterior Home With A Gable Roof And Vent Pipe System Dark Painted Aluminum Clad Wooden Patio Table Sets
Mountain Style Exterior Home Design With Full Porch And Fences Entry Pillars And Gable Peak Trim Deck Wooden Walls
Craftsman One Story Exterior Home With Stone And Pebbles Patio Outdoor Table Set With Chairs In Beige Color Wooden Framed Glass Windows
Traditional Shaded Front Yard Landscape With Brick Pavers White Painted Wooden Decorative Fences Gray Painted Wooden Doors And Windows Glass Windows In White Frame
Ranch House Rustic Exterior House With Stone Walls And Exposed Mortar Glass Windows Wooden Fences Patio Table Sets
Farmhouse Exterior With Stone Wall And Exposed Mortar Wooden Doors Glass Windows
Mediterranean One Story Exterior Home With Big Glass Windows Metal And Stones White Painted Exterior Wall
Traditional Exterior Home With Roofs And Large Den Stone Walls White Painted Wooden Deck Wall White Rocking Chairs Glass Door And Windows
Arts And Crafts One Story Exterior Home Design With A Gable Roof Concrete Front Yard Wooden Pillars And Garage Doors Stone Pillar Base With Exposed Mortar

Ranch Home is one kind of house that gives the feeling of western house. Its bold appearance gives the vibe of strong and robust look. That is the reason why ranch home is still acceptable in this century. Here, you will find ten luxury ranch home plans if you decide to have modern farm house.

Luxurious Cream Ranch House

This luxurious Ranch house has two story level. It has symmetric design but the left wing has the garage wing. The use of the color in the exterior beautifies the house even more.

Elongated One Story Ranch House with Big Glass

Elongated style is one kind of options for those who has spacious area. You don’t need to use stairs to move to other rooms. Moreover, if you have adorable scenery view, you can install big glasses.

Ranch House with Stone Exterior

Creative people use unusual material to make the best design out of their mind. Here, the owner uses the stone as the ranch home exterior and pebbles as the pathway to the house. It is simple yet great idea to follow.

Rustic Ranch House with a Dash of Modern Touch

Combining the modern and classic look is not impossible. The classic look can be seen in the stacked stones with exposed mortar while the modern part can be enjoyed by the aluminum-clad windows in dark color.

One Story Ranch Home with Brick Pathway

This ranch home also uses unusual design by making the brick as the pathway to the house. Its color matches the roof the same way the wooden fences matches the color of the exterior wall. Adding some white flowers in the garden can be an option for the exterior design.

Ranch House with Decorative Roofs

This ranch house has splendid exterior looks due to its roof. The design is completed by having the walls made by stones with exposed mortar combined by white painted wooden deck wall.

Ranch House with Blasts of Lights

Ranch house gives the idea of warm feeling. However, this ranch house gives the feeling of beyond warm and inviting. You can have perfect view in the twilight due to the help of the lighting. Such a best plan if you have gorgeous outside view.

Ranch House with Wide Front Yard

Spacious front yard is a good consideration if you want to have a comfortable house. The photo below makes the front yard as the path way to the garage and this area can be used as BBQ party at night too.

Stone Ranch house with Rustic Wooden Front Yard Fences

Ranch house is known for the combination of wood, metal and stones. The stone exterior in this house is flawless in cream color. The wooden front yard fences makes the house to look mysterious.

Grand Ranch House Plan

What can be more satisfying than having big ranch house? the photo below proves that ranch house can be as magnificent as other home plan. Its timeless look will give its own benefit for you.

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