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Kids Bedroom, Rug Flooring, Beige Wall, Floating Shelves, Wall Decortaion, White Bohemian Canopy, Rattan Bed, Orange Linene
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wall Decoration, Wooden Rail, Rattan Bed, Rug, Rattan Basket
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rattan Bed, Rattan Basket, Toy, Wooden Cabinet With Patters, Floating Shelves, Plants
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, White Ceiling, Flowery Wallpaper, Green Cupboard, Rattan Bed, White Small Stool
Kids Bedroom Under Sloping Ceiling, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Rattan Bed, Pink Cupboard, Brown Curtain
Kids Bedroom, Rattan Bed, Beige Bedding, Pillows, White Floor, Rattan Rug
Kids Bedrom, Wooden Floor, Rattan Bed, Trees Wallpaper, White Wooden Ceiling, Grey Curtain, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Toy
Kids Bedroom, Rattan Sofa Bed, Green Rug, Wooden Floow, Light Grey Wall, Study Area With Orange Wall, Floating Wooden Table And Shelves, Wooden Chair
Kids Bedroom, White Wall, Sloping Ceiling, White Wooden Floor, Rattan Bed, Colorful Woven Blanket, Wooden Bookshelves, White Square Cabinets, Plants, Rug
Kids Bedroom, White Floor, White Wooden Wall, Rattan Bed With White Bedding, Pillows, Round Rattan Rug, Rattan Shelves, Rattan Pendant

Kid’s bedroom has been always decorated cheerful. It’s because in their bedroom, kids should feel that they are in their elements. However, of course we want to make them learn on what matters the most this time of the year. And for you who want to participate in sustainability, you would love to have rattan bed completing your kids’ bedroom. And here below are some kids’ bedrooms with rattan bed that you will fall in love with.

Naturally Simple
As rattan bed would look perfectly well with another rattan furniture, this one here pulls out a pretty and simple bedroom with all rattan items.

Light Feature
Having bedroom under the sloping ceiling or in the attic can be really challenging with the limited space. However, with rattan bed, the weigh that will occupy the space will not be as much as a sturdy bed would do. And, rattan bed will also give the room the warmth of natural material and the beauty of little details. The high beadboard and foot board are rich with details that will make this attic even more rich and warm.

In Girl’s Bedroom
Adding a rattan bed in a girl’s bedroom will make it more pretty, especially when it’s curvy and rich in details. Seen in this bedroom, the flowery wallpaper and pretty rug compliment the rattan bed very well.

Low Footboard
While the previous one shows rattan bed with high foot board that makes the bed feel enclosed and safe, this one here is with the lower one. However, it depicts more airy and less limited space to roam. The details under the bed is beautiful too.

Warm Bedroom
Giving warm in the kids bedroom when you also pursuing sustainability is easy because the causes are in line. And as natural selections that you pick for the room will give warmth, bedroom with natural material will look even warmer. Seen in this bedroom, rattan beds with dark green bedding looks perfectly in sync with wooden floor and basket.

Kid’s Space
Bedroom is where kids learn ownership and responsibility. And for that, sometimes, it is right to put everything in their room like study area and playing area. And to avoid being too heavy and crowded, furniture with light feature should be picked, like thin, sleek, floating tables, shelves, wooden chair, or rattan sofa bed. Choosing natural material helps to make the room feel light too.

Fresh Look
Material from the nature will always bring the best natural and fresh look that you can bring inside. These features are seen in this bedroom with wooden floor, rattan bed, and wooden cabinet with patterns on the door. Placed under the window, the bed must have a very refreshed air in the morning. And the room gets the privilege of bright light.

Colorful Accents
Rattan bed is a great feature for bohemian style. And that is why adding another bohemian features fall perfectly in this room. The colorful woven blanket looks great on the rattan bed, as much as the wall decoration, plants, and rug on the floor.

Pretty Bedroom
While rattan bed can enhance bohemian and natural inspired bedroom, rattan bed can look great too in the pretty and elegant room. Seen in this bedroom is a long rattan bed placed along the wall with trees wallpaper. The white fur rug and the wooden rocking toy looks delicate and pretty it is a great compliment to the rattan bed with white bedding and pillows.

Little Bohemian
While bohemian can be a great style on adult’s bedroom, it can also look great in kid’s bedroom. Look a this one here. The rattan bed looks strong and offers great details. The orange bedding looks very warmth. And fringes can be found all over the room.

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