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rattan screen, wooden table, rattan small screen, yellow ottoman Clem around the Corner

Rattan Chairs, Rug, Blanket, White Cushion
Rattan Wooden Shelves, Concrete Floor, Patterned Rug
Rattan Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Patterned Floor
Rattan Sofa, White Cushion, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Floor
Long Rattan Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Wall Concrete Floor
Rattan Screen, Wooden Table, Rattan Small Screen, Yellow Ottoman
Wooden Cabinet With Rattan Drawers, Concrete Floor, White Wall
Rattan Floating Shelves, White Wall
Rattan Round Shelves, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Cream Wall
Rattan Chair, Rattan Cabinet, White Wall

Rattan or natural material has been really amazing to put in the room. It can freshen the room as it can also helps the room to look natural and minimalist. Rattan can be made into many kinds of furniture and that is why adding rattan furniture is actually quite easy for its neutral and natural look. It can be seen in any rooms, too, from the bedrooms to the alley. If you love rattan material, you will love these ones below.

Rattan Shelves
Shelves can be put anywhere in the house. You can put it in the bedroom or even in the alley. Rattan shelves like this one puts a simple storage that can be placed anywhere. The wooden and rattan combination is just right.

Rattan Comfort Chair
Chair from rattan can look so tropical and fresh. There are many shapes and function that can be provided. This one here shows how rattan easily blends with outdoor look in its comfortable round shape. The cushion added would secure the comfort you need.

Round Shelves
This one is another shelves that can be made from natural sources like rattan or bamboo. this fresh and smooth look is incredible to decorate your space. Not only that it can store the accessories you have but it looks like a pretty accessories itself.

Tall Cabinet
This is another rattan cabinet. Just like the previous one, this one can be placed in any rooms. The design is quite light and fresh that it will not make your room feel too heavy or crowded.

Rattan Welcome
If you want to welcome your guest with a warm welcome, you would love to start with rattan in the first steps of your house. Putting a rattan sofa like this one would indicate how perfectly warm and inviting your house is.

Long Cabinet
This long cabinet looks fresh and minimalist. The light wooden finish on it brings brightness to the room and blend well with the minimalist floor and neutral wall. The tiny holes make an interesting details.

Bedside Cabinet
This one is another cabinet that uses natural material. The compact design brings in light and fresh look in the bedroom.

Rattan Screen
Using screens to make a room interesting is a practical thing. It can be used between the living room and kitchen, it can be used to give lines in the apartment as well. This one here puts the screen as a separation from the make up station which is also made of wooden and rattan material.

Rattan Shelves
Rattan makes a pretty and interesting accessories. Seen in this one, it makes a pretty shelves that looks amazing on the wall. It is also more flexible to put in the house.

Smooth Chair
This rattan furniture bring out a really fresh and pretty ambiance. The rattan cabinet would be great for minimalist and natural look while the chair would be great with style.

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